Garden fountains, a decorative element

Fountains for the garden

The Garden fountains are a very decorative element , which brings a touch of freshness to the large gardens. We all come to mind the most classic and simple garden fountains, but the truth is that today there is much more variety, both in materials and models.

Let's see some ideas for choosing garden fountains . From cascading fountains, which are always fun, to beautiful sources of Arabic inspiration. There is a type of fountain that is ideal for your garden and that will add a very zen element to the space, the water and its unmistakable sound.

Classic garden fountains in stone

Stone fountains

You have to start with the most classic sources of all, those that look good in any garden and that result very decorative and above all timeless . We refer to the stone fountains for the garden with several floors. These sources are already a classic that can be seen in many gardens and you can also choose between the most basic designs and others much more elaborate, inspired by styles such as the baroque, full of details. They are also very durable and the stone will only have to be cleaned from time to time to maintain its clear tone.

Design sources

Fonts with a modern design

In the most modern gardens you can put amazing design fonts . There are many types and in them originality prevails. Without a doubt it is a great choice, because the sources become very decorative elements, almost works of art that go beyond just being a source. They usually use materials such as cement, glass or metal.

Modern sources

Modern sources

The fonts can be of many sizes , and there are really impressive modern fountains, which are configured as waterfalls. One of the most used are wall fountains, which can also be oriented very well and occupy less than a central source such as stone. In these cases they are also sources with a modern and very decorative design.

Arabic style fonts

Arabic sources

Those who like the classic but with a lot of personality, can opt for the incredible Arabic style fonts . In the Arab houses, the central courtyard is common, which is a social area that takes great care, and where there is usually a fountain. This can be on the walls or in the center, but they all have something in common: the beautiful Arabic tiles. This type of sources may require a little more care to keep the tiles in perfect condition, but it is certainly a very decorative and special source. The gardens should also carry some Arabic element, like their typical metal lamps.

Japanese style fonts

Japanese style fonts

If you garden has zen style I'm sure you've thought of something very Japanese. The fountains made with bamboo canes are of this typical style and can be bought made, for installation in those small lakes of peace that are Zen gardens. It is a very peculiar style of fountain and garden, so it is better to look for inspiration of this type to create a garden with elements that combine well with each other.

Wood garden fountains

Wood sources

The garden fountains can also be in wood . Nowadays there are woods of tropical origin that hold humidity perfectly without spoiling. That is why it can be a good choice if what we want is to have a source that also has a very warm touch. These two sources show us that with the same material we can create very different things. We have a modern fountain, with a metal sconce for the pipe and another more rustic, but equally original.

Cascading fountains

Cascading fountains

This is one of the effects that we like most in the sources. Those small or large sources that have a cascading effect. They are very decorative and almost hypnotic, with their different sections. There are many types and with very varied design, so the doubt is only in which of all we will focus to create a very special space.

Elongated fonts

Elongated fountain

If you garden is especially large or has an elongated design , you can get a font like this. With several pipes along a small pool, you will enjoy a large fountain that is crowned with a figure. This undoubtedly is inspired by popular sources that have several different pipes along a wall.

Original sources

Original sources

In this of the sources we can always find some that is very original , with ideas that are made by hand. In this case there are those who have decided to take vintage metal teapots or teapots and turn them into an improvised waterfall fountain that is certainly something very decorative and unusual. This is a way to have a fountain in the garden that no one else is going to have.