Funny vinyl for the bathroom

Vinyl for bathroom

If you want to give a Fun and special touch to the bathroom , A place that we only pass by routinely, discover these Vinyls . They are great, and will awaken a smile in all the guests to your home. In addition, it is a decorative piece that can be put and removed easily, varying the appearance of the bathroom in a simple way.

We found some great ideas for different places in the bathroom. You can put them both in the mirror and in the door. There are some designed exclusively for certain places, that you can not stop buying. They do not have a high price, and you will be glad the day just rise. Do you aim for the Vinyl fashion ?

Vinyl for bathroom 1 Funny vinyl for the bathroom

We love with madness the idea of Stickers on the mirrors For children, with glasses and other accessories. It's a way for them to have fun doing the bathroom tasks, like brushing their teeth. It is a way to motivate them to do these things, like washing their hands, which costs them so much sometimes. Even adults can laugh at the invention, as there are ideas for them, such as mustaches.

Funny bathroom vinyl Vinyl for bathroom

In the bathtub, the wall or the cabinets can be put different models. The graphics Are simple, and have a natural look, as if they had been painted by someone by hand, directly. They have messages like 'Ponte colonia', a daily reminder for the toilet.

Vinyl for bathroom Vinyl for bathroom

Some of the funniest ones we have come across are the toilet and the door. Put the message on the toilet 'The king's armchair' , Is a funny idea for anyone. Also, calling the bathroom 'Meditation Space' can make your visitors copy the idea. It is a way of creating a different space in the home.

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