French doors: let light invade your home

French doors

What we know today as French style doors or French doors had their origin in the Renaissance. Interestingly, originally they were not doors, but large windows that allowed the passage to the balconies. Of those its aesthetics is conserved, characteristic by the use of multiple crystals.

The French doors are composed of a frame and multiple crystals They cover the door in its entirety. These allow the passage of light from one side of the door to the other, allowing us to save on the electricity bill. Generally they are placed to open the homes to the garden, but their elegant and classic style also looks indoors.

French doors are classic doors that fit in many environments. As we have already mentioned, they are usually placed as a door to the outside, either to a garden, a terrace or a patio. But it is also possible to find them connecting different rooms of our home. The reasons to bet on this type of door can be diverse:

French doors 1

  • French doors meet the step function own doors but offer a lighter aesthetic.
  • They allow the passage of large amounts of light natural from the outside to the inside of our homes, thus saving our energy expenditure electric power and lowering the costs of the electricity bill.
  • They get to carry light to interior rooms no windows.

Types of French doors

All French doors they keep an aesthetic , however, it is possible to find designs, both straight and arched, with different number of windows per door and different configuration options: clear or bevelled glass, simple or insulated... The objective is to satisfy all the needs.

French doors 2

The French doors are also made with different materials. Typically, the door is manufactured in solid wood or wood with veneered MDF and single glass from 4 to 6 mm. with or without bevel. For safety reasons, however, those that will be used as the main door are manufactured in forging and tempered glass.

As for colors, the white french doors They are the most demanded. They are generally mimicked with the color of the walls, providing a great luminosity to the whole. The exception are the main doors, which often have matte or pastel black finishes.

Decorate with French doors

French doors increase the value of any project, be used as a main door, as access to a garden or another interior room. These three uses are the most frequent, although we can also find them in pantries, closets and dressing rooms.

Garden access door

Stays like living room or kitchen They are one of the most common places to find a French door with access to the garden. These doors allow the entrance of abundant natural light during the day to these rooms and allow you to enjoy from them incomparable views of the garden.

French doors 3

In addition, with the doors wide open we will get a better ventilation from space; an especially interesting feature in the kitchen, where vapors and odors tend to accumulate when we cook. Both in the kitchen and in the living room, the French doors will also allow the space to flow naturally from the interior to the exterior.

Are you afraid of the lack of privacy? If you have neighbors and you are worried about privacy, you can always install some blinds to have privacy at specific moments without reducing functionality at the door.

Interior door

Placing two elegant doors with a central opening like the French doors can give a certain solemnity to the step between two stays like the kitchen and the dining room, the living room and the study... The entrance of light will be more abundant to the second room and will grant amplitude to both.

French doors 4

Although it is in family rooms where they are used most frequently, we can also use them in the bedroom as access to the bathroom or dressing room, to give some examples. In these cases, many opt for doors with beveled crystals that allow the light to pass but not see clearly what is on the other side of the door.

Main exterior door

The French doors as the main door are elegant and solemn. Security in the past was a problem, however, current models usually incorporate a reinforced door with glazed sides, to partially allow the passage of light, without losing a bit of security.

Main French doors

They are common in house with a garden, but especially in commercial premises of some European cities. In these cases we can see them painted in beautiful colors such as blue, pink or pastel green, acquiring a vintage aesthetic. But also in dark tones in the case of more formal and luxurious premises.

French doors not only decorate, they also increase the value of our home. They allow access to outdoor spaces with comfort and contribute to natural light flooding our home. Of classic aesthetics, they also fit in all kinds of environments. You like them?