Footrest: adopt a good posture and be comfortable!


The footrest Is a piece that we should not do without in our home. It is a piece that helps us correct the posture to all who sit each day in front of the computer. But also a great ally to rest our legs and favor our circulation when we enjoy our time of rest.

A footrest is, by definition, a piece in which we support the feet when we are sitting. Not any piece serves, however, as footrest if we want to perceive its benefits. It is important that it is non-slip and that it is Proper height ; Otherwise it could harm us.

Advantages of using a footrest

There are many groups of people who are advised to use footrests: older people who need to recover from an operation, men and women with varicose or circulation problems, workers who spend all day in front of a computer... Everyone helps footrests to Correct posture And avoid possible back injuries.


Correcting posture and avoiding back injuries are the most important benefits of this piece, no doubt. However, in Decoora, we wanted to fine tune All the advantages To use this piece of furniture both in our home and in our office:

  • It allows those people with an incorrect body posture to correct it.
  • It facilitates the correct position of the body, thus reducing the tension and Fatigue of the legs , Back and neck.
  • They therefore offer a Proper rest Of the extremities.
  • Balanced footrests also help people with varicose veins, since Stimulate circulation.
  • Taking into account the above, Provide comfort To the user both at home and in the workspace.

Office footstool

There are more and more offices that incorporate Work tables footrest. The height of the chair in an office should allow full support of the feet on the floor, as well as the knees are at the same height as or slightly above the hips. When this does not happen, footrests become the best ally to correct the error.

Correct posture on the computer with footrests

Footrests relieve the pressure of the chair on the legs, improve the lumbar support and ensure the firm contact of the feet on the floor. As a result, it reduces fatigue in the legs and improves our sitting posture. We also avoid crossing the legs, making the Return circulation improve .

Suitable features on a footrest

  • Anti-slip, To prevent it from moving by putting pressure on it.
  • Multiposition, To be able to adapt it to our height.
  • With rocking, To promote blood circulation
  • Non-slip texture, to prevent feet from slipping when tilted

Office footstool

Footrest for the home

For a correct rest, You also need to maintain good posture. A footstool in the living room or in the reading corner guarantees maximum comfort. The furniture firms know this and it is usual that they include in their catalog footrest that keep the same line as the sofas and armchairs they offer.

The sets of Scandinavian inspiration Are today the most demanded to decorate modern rooms. Its clean lines and soft colors fit in different environments. It is also usual that the pieces have ergonomic designs, adapted to the shape of the body to provide greater comfort.

Modern footrests

Combine sofa and footrest Brings sobriety and elegance to our living room. If we want it to have a more relaxed and / or fun character, the ideal is to bet on different pieces. Pieces with different design or a different color, as you can see in the second image. .

The footrests for the home are designed, generally, not so much to rest the feet as to To support the legs . It is very important that they have the right height, so that the feet are aligned in a position that is comfortable and not forced. It does not combine to use them all the time; Since sitting with your back aligned and your feet flat on the floor, as we do on the computer, seems to be the healthiest option.

As you have been able to check the footrest we have different benefits. They contribute to improving our comfort, but also our health preventing back problems. And you? Do you use footrests in your home or office?

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