Folding wall tables for the home

Simple folding tables

At Super practical furniture ranking Surely we will find among the first positions the great wall folding tables for the home. These tables are perfect for a thousand situations and for many other homes, because they have the great quality of saving us a lot of space and fulfilling their function well.

But today there are many designs that go beyond the wall-mounted desks always, so we can see some of the models that exist. Ideas for the children's room, for a small dining room in the kitchen or for an office of removes and puts in the home.

Folding dining tables

Dining room with folding tables

If your kitchen is small you will have to sharpen the ingenuity to get a small dining area . Many choose a bar connected to the kitchen, but if this is not possible, you can get a simple folding table on the wall with two small chairs. It is a resource that makes things easier for us and leaves us more space to move when we do not use it.

Tables for the nursery

Children's room with folding tables

In the small children's rooms we also have great solutions. Whether you want to play or if you are going to use the table to study, we can have one of these practical folding tables. So, the rest of the time they will have more space for their games and it will be easier for us to clean everything. There are two different models that are very interesting. On the one hand we have a smooth and not very thick table that sticks to the wall almost without protruding when we do not use it. On the other we have a desk on the wall, which opens its front to become a table. It is more bulky but certainly gives us storage space, being ideal for when they begin to study.

Folding design tables

Design tables

Here we find a super design table that has the great quality of going completely unnoticed when it is not used, as if it were just another element on the wall. When stored, it remains as if it were a beautifully designed mirror. Without a doubt it is a very ingenious idea that can be perfect for a house in which we only need a small office from time to time.

Tables for the terrace

Folding table for the garden

If you have a terrace or a small garden, these folding wall tables may be the great solution, because you can use them when you want to eat out and save them the rest of the time to be able to fully enjoy the surface of the terrace . As we see in the image in this case have chosen a table and folding banks, to save everything in the simplest way. It is very useful in those urban and small terraces where we need to use all the square meters.

Minimalist tables

Small folding table

Among the great folding tables there are design models like the ones we have seen, but we also find the most basic models. Models that are small auxiliary tables to give a little more use to the spaces but they hardly occupy or attract attention. These tables have a very minimalist touch and are perfect for modern style homes where there is furniture with basic lines.

Multipurpose tables

Shelving tables

If we want a multipurpose table we will have to know that they occupy a little more, since they are shelves that can be converted into tables . As we saw with the table in the nursery, are shelves whose front part unfolds to form a table on which you can eat or write. These furniture both serve for a bedroom as to have an office area in the living room or for the kitchen, creating a small improvised dining room. In this way we also have a shelf in which to store some necessary things. Books and material in the office and food in the kitchen area. Although they occupy a little more because they have a certain thickness, they are still very practical.

Tables with blackboard

Folding tables with blackboard

When we thought that you could not find more practical and original tables we found this. Some tables that besides having a part of storage they become a table with slate area , which remains on the wall when we close the table. So this is a folding table that fulfills three different functions by itself. Without doubt one of the most practical tables we have seen. Equally useful for the children's room, where it would become the perfect study table, as in the kitchen area, with a blackboard to write down everything we need.

Round tables

Round tables

This is a folding table that simply has a nice Round shaped design that can be left as if it were a small shelf the rest of the time. Another table that we like so much for its functionality as for the beautiful design that adapts to any home.