Folding desks help you save space

Folding desks

The desks Are indispensable in many households. The number of people working from home increases and more and more we carry out administrative work from home using the computer. In addition, it is very practical for all those who are preparing exams to have their own surface in which to organize their study material.

However, we do not always have our own space to install it. On such occasions it is customary to"steal"room to the bedroom or living room to locate the desk. The task is not always easy; When space is reduced It is especially important to sharpen the wits and opt for alternative solutions such as folding desks.

The Folding and folding desks They become the best alternative when the space available in our home is reduced. They are also a great solution for all those who believe that it is not practical to allocate a space permanently to a piece of furniture that will not be used with assiduity. Do you feel identified with any of these cases?

Folding Desks 1

There are different solutions in the market to solve this problem: simple folding tables, Wall desks Foldable and even options integrated into other furniture, such as wardrobes or shelves. The space available and the needs of each of us, will become key factors to choose one or the other. We analyze them separately!

Folding tables

Folding tables are the Simpler alternative Of how many shuffles today. They allow you to save space or, in other words, not occupy an unnecessary space while you do not use them. Attached to the wall, they are the most suitable option for those who do not use it daily and do not accumulate much office material.

Folding Desks 2

It is a simple and economic proposal. You can do it yourself! You only need to do this for a board, two folding squares, some blocks, some screws and a drill. You can see a simple step by step in this Video of David Gerard . You can also adapt it to an existing decoration using the appropriate materials and colors.

You can place this type of desk in the kitchen, so that the table also serves you for breakfast. The guest room is another large space to which we can give with a table of this type a double functionality. Besides the folding tables with very practical in the bedroom of the children while they are still small, so that they do not lose space of fire. Because of its features, you can even install it in the hallway.

Wall Lamps

The wall desks are more complete. They fill the storage deficiencies presented by the previous alternative. How? Incorporating Shelves and small drawers In its design, so that we can organize documents and stationery. They continue, however, saving us space; Allowing the soil to be cleared.

Folding Desks 3

The wide variety of designs available in the market, makes this alternative also one of the most attractive. You will find wall desks in different materials, finishes and colors. Natural wood is the most popular and among these, the market dominates those of Scandinavian style . If you are looking for a trend desk, choose one made in light wood with minimalist lines like the ones we showed you.

Depending on the color of the wood and the lines of the desk, we will achieve a style more or less Contemporary or rustic . There are other more modern options on the market, created with synthetic materials and with a glossy finish, ideal for decorating modern homes and children's bedrooms.

Integrated Folding Desks

The third alternative is to integrate the desk into another piece of furniture. In the bedroom we can integrate it in the closet wardrobe, avoiding to use extra space to place it. The desk will hardly rob us of useful space in the closet and when we do not use it will go unnoticed. We will get the Visual noise is less In that room, which will contribute to create a greater sense of order.

Folding Desks 4

We can also integrate the desktop On a shelf. It is a fantastic option if we think of a living room or a multifunction room where a storage system of this type is always useful. In addition, we will have enough room to store document folders if we work with them.

Each of the alternatives we show you today can solve the need for a Area of ​​work or study Without stealing useful space to the room. To choose the most appropriate, we will have to calmly analyze our needs and ask ourselves some questions: are we going to use the desk daily? Do we move a lot of paperwork when we work?, which room is the ideal place to put it? We have to do it

Answering those questions will make us more aware of what will ultimately prove to be more practical for us. Once the most appropriate proposal is chosen, it will be time to look at different catalogs and to discuss different options within Our budget. Keep in mind that the built-in options will increase your budget.

Are Folding Desks Practical?

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