Ficus Lyrata, a very cool indoor plant

Ficus Lyrata

The Ficus It is a very popular plant in our homes. It is a genus with around 900 varieties of trees, shrubs and vines, among which ficus benjamina and ficus starlight are two of the most common in our homes. During the decade of the 90s they were the queens of our homes and they have remained so until they have been dethroned.

The ficus lyrata has been crowned as the coolest indoor plant . Everyone seems to have fixed their eyes on her and today we can see her starring in numerous decoration editorials. Its large sinewy and oval leaves and its width are responsible for its success.

Coming from Cameroon, the ficus lyrata has traveled kilometers and miles to be present in our homes. Lyrata, his surname, makes reference to the similarity between the shape of his leaves and the lyre. Hence, it is also known as Ficus Lira. Worse is not the only nickname of this plant; for his similarity with the fig tree , you can also find it under the name"fig tree violin sheet".

Ficus Lyrata 1

The ficus lyrata attracts attention for its elegant demeanor and its glossy leaves, intense green color. It can reach heights of up to 15 meters outdoors, resembling its shape to that of a tree. In a pot, however, it is possible to control its size without difficulty.

Care of ficus lyrata

The ficus lyrata has developed in a tropical climate and therefore, prefers to grow in warm and bright environments. Finding propitious location is therefore our first duty. As for your care, you will find that they are quite simple. Applying them, ficus lyrata can last you a lifetime.

  • Temperature : The ficus are in general especially sensitive to cold and currents. The range of temperatures in which it develops correctly is not very broad; during the winter we will have to make sure that the temperature does not fall below 15ÂșC. The good news is that today heating keeps our homes at a temperature higher than this.
  • As we have already mentioned, the Ficus lyrata prefers luminous environments, but it does not admit, like most indoor plants, the direct rays of the sun. It is best to receive indirect or sifted lighting for several hours a day.
  • Water: Ficus lyrata supports drought better than excessive irrigation. Once a week in winter and 3 times during summer is enough for it to develop. To avoid waterlogging, we will make sure before re-irrigating that the surface soil is dry. In summer you can also spray your leaves with water to increase the humidity and improve their growth.

Ficus lyrata

  • Cleaning : Dust accumulates in the leaves of plants and has its consequences. Cleaning them with a damp cloth from time to time will help avoid them.
  • Substratum : Substrates composed of peat or mulch combined with a small part of sand to improve drainage, will contribute to a better development.
  • Pruning: The development of new branches in spring should be encouraged, eliminating young shoots of the plant. Also if you want to control or reduce its dimensions, it is recommended to prune at the end of winter.
  • Flower pot : Like any plant, it will require a change of pot as it grows. In the case of Ficus Lyrata, it is advisable to change the pot every 2 or 3 years, during the spring or summer, when temperatures are pleasant. The new container should have only 5-6 cm. more than the current diameter.

Ficus Lyrata

Decorating with ficus lyrata your home

The plants have a greater prominence in our homes . Nowadays it is common to find ivies, ficus, sansevieras or monsteras, in halls or halls; stays that we have always liked to give a green touch. But in addition, it is increasingly common to use them to decorate bedrooms and bathrooms.

Ficus lyrata

The ficus lyrata is a exemplary showy and exuberant , able to completely transform a space. As it is an evergreen tree, it will color our living room throughout the year. It will look especially good in wide spaces with high, well-lit ceilings, but they are not characteristics that should limit us.

You can place your ficus lyrata next to a window and next to the sofa, next to the bedside table in your bedroom or in the hall. Consider the style of the room and choose a flowerpot that fits with it. The sector has evolved a lot in recent years and today it is possible to find in the market pots, planters and window boxes in a varied list of materials, finishes and colors.

Ficus lyrata 2

If we talk about trends, you only need a tour by pinterest or instagram to deduce what trends we are talking about. The flowerpots rustic in vegetable fibers They are some of the most demanded nowadays. Also the minimalist planters on bases, not so appropriate for tall ficus.

Plants give life to any space. Most of us appreciate them at a decorative level, but do we know their benefits? Clean the air , reduce noise, reduce static electricity and improve mood and well-being.