Feng Shui tips for the color of your kitchen

Feng Shui tips for the color of your kitchen

The kitchen is the part that nourishes the home of any person. It is a very important area to work Feng Shui. If you do not know how to improve the energy of your kitchen, then this article is for you. Continue reading to discover the most important in terms of the energies of Feng Shui in this place of the house according to the colors you want to choose to decorate it.

The colors give us a lot emotionally and now, if you want to decorate your kitchen with colors that also give you good energy, then you must understand that there are some unusual colors that you can also incorporate into the decoration of your kitchen. You can choose the color for the walls, the furniture... and even combine the colors that you create that best fit to enhance the energy.

The grey color

When a gray kitchen is pointed, it will have excellent feng shui energy: warm, spacious, cozy; and the specific shade of gray color has a soft and nutritious energy quality. While it is not the most popular color for cooking, Gray is having a great comeback and can create excellent feng shui energy if you know how to use it correctly.

With good natural light and subtle details in other colors (like red or yellow) it will be an excellent kitchen with good energy feng shui.

Blue sky and earth brown color

While the color blue can be a challenging feng shui color for the kitchen, it can be combined with earth brown color to balance energy. You can make a great combination of fresh colors and the natural energy that it brings, in some way it resembles heaven and earth, and it will be a fresh and natural kitchen.

Modern kitchen in pink

Green and yellow

The combination of green and yellow colors in the kitchen is always an excellent option. These colors are excellent for working feng shui in the kitchen. The"dose"of color is done with great skill; It leaves you wanting more. The kitchen should have a great balance in the play of creative and warm colors in combination with other colder or neutral colors. This way you can create an excellent balance with soothing and playful energies.

The color white

The white color never goes out of style in kitchens. There is something about the simplicity and freshness of the white color that allows a beloved kitchen to come alive. For those who love to cook, entering a well-designed white kitchen is like starting a new painting: a new new canvas , a new beginning every morning.

You can combine white with warm shades of wood that gives a charming rustic atmosphere; a variety of white ceramic and the effect of cooling the details in metallic color. Are you imagining it already?

light gray kitchen

In black

Did you think that the color black could not be part of a feng shui kitchen? Of that nothing, if you like black you can also use it. The color black brings you closer to the dynamics of Ying Yang by combining black with white and other colors that you can also use to balance energies such as yellow or purple.

In red

The red color provides energy and although it is not easy to work with this color, the vibrant energy of this color should be used in the right amount. This color has a strong presence and does not have to appear overloaded for the energies to be correct.

You can combine the color red with white and also put stainless steel details to cool the warm feeling in excess of red. If you know how to use the red color well in your kitchen, it will be a great success without a doubt.

Black and white with wood

In pink

As with black, did you think that pink is not a good color for feng shui? You were wrong if that is how you thought. The pink color can work in the kitchen and can even help you feel better in this room. A pink color is beautiful and sweet and if used correctly it will be a great success.

You can add a little orange and it will really be an excellent color combination for a kitchen. And if you also add the white color? Better than better.

Have you noticed the large number of colors that you can incorporate in your kitchen to improve energy through Feng Shui? It will improve the quality of life in your home, in your kitchen and your relationship with everything that comes with cooking, such as food, cooking and much more. Even if you use the kitchen to talk with your loved ones or that it is a meeting point, you can also benefit from all the good energy that these colors bring you that we mentioned above.