Fabelab: Bed linen for little dreamers

Bed linen for children Fabelab

How is it possible that we have not shown you even the Fabelab's proposals For the smallest of the house? The Danish firm founded by Michaela Weisskirchner-Barfod designs visually attractive products that stimulate the child's senses and trigger his imagination: bedding, soft cushions, bibs for lunch...

"On a journey"is one of the latest collections of Fabelab and whose catalog we show you today. "We have been inspired by the journey of small dreamers, curious adventurers and adorable pirates and we have created an aesthetic universe of Organic textiles To hug, to sleep and to feel comfortable.

What products do you offer â € œOn a journeyâ €?

"On a journey"offers us Colorful bedding . I especially like those that can be collected in your own outside pocket and accompany the child wherever he goes to make him feel safe. These have motifs in the pocket that shoot the imagination of the smallest and that we can find also in other quilts and blankets of the collection of bedding.

Bed linen for children Fabelab 1

Fabelab's"On a journey"collection also provides us with Bibs and lunch bags , Soft cushions, and travel friends to accompany the little ones on their trip. Outstanding among the latter are the"Bunny Cuddle"bunnies, available in soft pastel shades.

Bed linen for children Fabelab 2

Keys of Fabelab: Design and sustainability

Folding bedspreads are the essence of Fabelab and what the company originally sought and seeks: to be one Sustainable business That bets on the use of organic materials and the design of products of long life that can be transformed as the child grows. A good philosophy, do not you think?

Bed linen for children Fabelab 3

In order to conform to this philosophy, Fabelab manufactures its products with 100% organic cotton In a range of colors that is visually relaxing and playful. Salmon, peach, mint, gray and yellow are combined in signature bedding with great success.

If you have liked Fabelab's proposals, you will like even more to know that you can do with your products comfortably through your online store . Both bed linen and accessories from the"On a Journey"collection, like other signature products, are shipped throughout Europe.

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