Epoxy resin flooring in your home

Epoxy resin flooring

We have talked about polished cement floors and Microcement as a trend , But not of the Epoxy resin flooring . It is an alternative not so well-known in the world of the home, that nevertheless provides a surface and a very interesting finish.

If you are thinking of remodeling the floors of your home, a white epoxy resin is a safe bet. You will get a tough ground, Durable and easy to clean , Characterized by its uniform finish, with no joints. Does the target bore you? Epoxy resins are colorable.

Epoxy resin flooring is not unknown at all in the industrial field. They have been applied for years in soils that require great durability and Optimal hygiene conditions Industrial kitchens, floors of meat industries, hospitals... However, it has not been so far when they have transcended the world of the home.

Epoxy resin flooring 1

Epoxy pavements are composed of various resin layers and arid projections, the combination of which provides more or less rough and non-slip floors. He Pavement rugosa multi-layer, non-slip, Is precisely one of the most popular being this mono color or multicolor.

Why may we be interested in installing a resin floor? With epoxy resin floors, we obtain a surface?

  1. Smooth and uniform , With absence of joints.
  2. Very resistant And high durability.
  3. Hygienic and comfortable cleaning.

Epoxy resin flooring 2

While one of the main characteristics of resin flooring is its easy cleaning, several aspects need to be taken care of. Abrasive instruments, solvents, or acids should not be used. To remove the thicker dirt it will be used pressurized water Or appropriate mechanical brushes. For surface dirt, simply apply detergent foam, rinse the pavement with plenty of water and remove excess water.

In order to maintain the brightness, it is also recommended to use the Industrial waxes, acrylic Concretely.. We will also create a layer of protection that will make the coating is more difficult to dirty and easier to maintain.

Do you like the look of epoxy resin floors?

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