Enjoy an original vertical garden in your home

Vertical garden

Years ago we would not have thought of the idea of ​​making a vertical garden. The gardens are always on the ground, and for that reason the idea would seem crazy from the beginning. But the scarcity of space has made us reflect and invent new ways of having the usual but in another way. From this arise the ideas of the vertical gardens which help us save space.

A vertical garden is undoubtedly a creative idea to implement. Although we have a small living room or a terrace, we can always have plants if we resort to these types of gardens today. The way to do them can be equally simple if we want the most basic or more elaborate in showy gardens.


  • 1 What is a vertical garden
  • 2 Advantages of vertical gardens
  • 3 Disadvantages of Vertical Gardens
  • 4 Creating a vertical garden
  • 5 Vertical gardens at home
  • 6 Vertical gardens with pallets

What is a vertical garden

Vertical gardens

When we talk about vertical garden we can refer to authentic gardens that arise from the walls, or to an area of ​​plants and flowers that we installed vertically to avoid occupying the floor. These vertical gardens are ideal for decorating the walls in a natural way, but also for save space in case we want to have plants in the house but the square meters are scarce. It is when the idea of ​​creating authentic gardens on the walls arises, a space that many times is not taken advantage of. Plants have many beneficial effects on our health and the return of the natural has brought us this idea so interesting to include gardens in all kinds of environments, even outside buildings or inside the walls of houses.

Advantages of vertical gardens

Vertical garden

One of the great advantages of vertical gardens is the saving of space that we do to be able to include plants and flowers on the walls to have a natural space nearby. It is also a very original and really nice way of decorating the walls, so nowadays it is even an option for the interior of the home.

We also have the advantage that these gardens are often custom-made , so we can choose the plants, the tones and each part that will fill that original garden. The plants with which we can control growth are usually well chosen.

Disadvantages of Vertical Gardens

At the time of elaborating these gardens normally the Professional help s, unless we only include pots and plants in a vertical space in the simplest way. These vertical gardens usually have a high cost, and also require special systems for their maintenance, as it is necessary to control the growth of plants and the irrigation system, which can lead to complex when reaching all plants.

Creating a vertical garden

Potted Gardens

When creating a vertical garden we can do it in many ways. The most common is to create a garden using the walls to add pots or holes , which will make it very easy to install, watering daily or doing it for the drip system.

On the other hand, if we want a more complex vertical garden, we will have to put ourselves in the hands of specialists who recommend us the best way to install it and the most suitable plants for this purpose. The irrigation system will also be complex in this regard, so it is not something we can do ourselves.

Vertical gardens at home

Vertical gardens

Although the gardens are usually for the outside, we know that these gardens have become a perfect element for the interior of the home. Today we have lost a lot of contact with nature, so in the most urban places need that natural point to return to the origins. That is why they are becoming urban gardens and we can see small gardens and oasis in the interior of the houses. In this case vertical gardens can be placed anywhere in the home. The size can be very different, since we can cover an entire wall or devote only a small painting to that purpose. Another way to include them at home is to create rows of pots on the walls, in a much simpler low cost way, to which we can add the indoor plants and flowers that we like.

Vertical gardens with pallets

Gardens with pallets

In the low cost world there are many ideas with pallets , who have come to bring us great ideas. In this case we have a pallet that we use to create a very simple vertical garden. Wood is a natural element that adapts perfectly to plants, and is a type of garden that looks beautiful anywhere. From a terrace in which we want to have more plants without sacrificing space, to some outdoor gardens, where we want to add a totally different garden to the landscape. In this case the cost will be minimal, so it is a good idea for all pockets.