Elements of Moroccan inspiration in your bathroom

Moroccan-inspired bathrooms

Both the ceramics and the elements that represent the Moroccan culture Can be a source of inspiration for decorating your home. In Decoora we have shown you the keys to decorate a Bedroom with Moroccan style, But would you know how to do the same in the bathroom?

A few elements may be sufficient to achieve that unique environment. Ceramics of intricate patterns, Decorative lattices and / or mirrors Hand-made alpaca are the best allies for your purpose, but not the only ones. Look at the pictures and create your own composition with a specific style in mind.

What style of bathroom do you want? This is the first question you need to ask yourself to start designing your bathroom. TO Rustic or contemporary? , Discreet or ostentatious? We can decorate with Moroccan style both ones. Starting from scratch is easier, but you will not have big problems to transform with these elements a bath already defined and without great works!

Moroccan-inspired bathrooms 1

Pottery is probably one of the most representative elements of Moroccan culture. Their bold patterns and colors may be appropriate to highlight certain elements. I love Kohler's proposal; that Mediterranean-style washbasin cabinet In blue and white tones can transform a whole bathroom.

Moroccan-inspired bathrooms 2

Whether in shades of blue and white, emeralds, oranges, ochres or purples tiles Are a great proposal to introduce the color in the bathroom. You can do this by tiling the floor, dressing the main wall or placing them as a dashboard in the sink.

The Decorative lattices Are other elements that can contribute to create a Moroccan-inspired bathroom. You can place them in the form of a screen to separate environments or use them as a decorative element in the doors of the cabinets. Finally, we arrived at the mirrors, necessary in every bathroom. One of hand-carved alpaca in silver or gold tones will bring sophistication to any bathroom of simple character whether it be rustic or contemporary.

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