Easy Ideas for Decorating a Double Bedroom

Double bedroom

The bedroom of a couple is the most intimate part of the home and for this reason the decoration must be successful not only for the romantic part that corresponds to two people who love each other but also because it is a place where sleep, rest and eroticism They take center stage every day. Also the decoration should have in addition to style a nice elegance that marks the personality of the couple who inhabit the room thinking of all the details to make it look great. But of course day to day and daily stress makes us not find the right time to be able to decorate the bedroom as well as we want, right?

Today I want to give you some easy ideas so that the decoration of your marriage bedroom is not complicated and at the same time you can do it easily, simply and without having to leave much money in it. What do you think about the idea? Do not lose detail!

Double bedroom

The first idea I give you to decorate your bedroom is to think about Your walls Y In the colors they have . Do you like the colors you have or would you like to put others in pastel tones? You may prefer to paint it horizontally or vertically by combining light and dark colors (the effect is spectacular and looks great). If you want to change the appearance completely to your decoration do not hesitate to get to work and paint your walls.

Furniture and bed They are also a primary aspect of your room, if you have bored of the decoration of your furniture but you do not have money to change them... change them of site! You will see the most impactful effect you can, you can also recycle old furniture and restore them to incorporate them like a nice vintage armchair.

Another way to change the environment is changing Textiles and lighting . Change the lamps for more different ones so that you can go alternating and change all the textiles for others of season. You'll see what changes!

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