Duvet covers in various styles to decorate the bed

Duvet covers for the bed

The Nordic covers have become the ideal companion of the Nordic feathers that we use during almost all the winter and part of the spring and autumn. With the Nordic covers we can protect these duvets that cost so much to wash at the end of the season and we can also change the appearance of the bed easily.

It's easy now find ideas and inspirations at the time of dressing a bed, since there are hundreds of duvet covers prepared to match the style of our house. We have found some interesting ideas so that everyone can find their ideal Nordic case.

How to choose the duvet covers

The Nordic covers are classified by size , depending on the type of bed we have and the nordic we have put. That is why it is better to be clear about the Nordic measures before going to buy the duvet cover, so as not to carry surprises later, since there are several sizes. In general, all resort to standard measures but it is better to make sure. In addition to this we can look at the composition, since cotton is better than those made with synthetic materials.

Classic duvet covers

Classic style duvet covers

The classic style does not go out of style. We refer to that kind of prints that we see every season And they do not go out of style. They can be simple stripes or an intricate pattern inspired by the Arab world, but the truth is that there are cases that we know will be worn for many seasons, so they can be a good choice when choosing the cover for the bed . If in addition our bedroom is simple and does not have a very defined style, they can be the most versatile. It is better not to choose too flashy colors so that later we find it much easier to combine that Nordic cover with cushions and elements in the bedroom.

Scandinavian style

Nordic style covers

He Scandinavian style is one of the trends that have taken most in recent seasons in decoration and is so simple that surely will remain at the top of decorative styles for home. That's why it's worth adding some scandinavian-inspired covers to our selection, which have that Nordic touch with simple shapes, geometric patterns and basic colors. Black and white is essential but we can also see many pastel shades.

Tropical style covers

Tropical duvet covers

The duvet covers also have certain styles that follow the fashions of the moment. A proof of this are these covers with tropical prints, which usually return the summers but in recent seasons have been very fashionable. They are a great inspiration to give the summer touch to the room at the change of season, as we will add freshness and color.

Floral covers

Floral duvet covers

Floral covers may be a good idea for spring, but the truth is that they do not usually go out of style. We find floral covers in winter They use darker shades, so it is a pattern that works for the whole year and for any time, since they will never go out of style. In these examples we see two different types, some smaller and vintage flowers and others more contemporary, in more vivid tones.

Juvenile duvet covers

Juvenile duvet covers

The youthful environments they also need covers that adapt to the tastes of their generation. There are really varied ideas, with covers full of color and others in neutral tones but with beautiful prints. The choice depends on the type of decoration and personal tastes.

Children's covers

Nordic child covers

The covers for children they are usually full of color and above all funny characters that entertain them and make them dream. For children there are special ideas, with thematic characters and worlds full of cheerful colors.

Summer covers

Colorful nordic cases

The Nordic covers for summer They can be an ideal element to welcome the station. Changing seasons also requires changing colors and therefore we find lighter and more vivid tones. These colors are very cheerful, although it must be taken into account that they are difficult to combine with the rest of the room. The trick is to have a simple room in neutral tones like white or gray, to be able to change style only by adding new textiles, which are the ones that will bring you the color.

Covers for winter

Winter duvet covers

The Winter tones are usually more muted and dark , with prints that remind us of the warmth of this season. So when you touch the change you can choose ideas like these, with a pattern inspired by the forest or the typical patchwork blankets. During this time, the most vivid colors, such as oranges or yellows, are left aside to give way to beautiful pastel tones, grays and warm tones such as beige.