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Nordic covers

Quilt, duvet or nordic? There are different alternatives to dress the bed. However, we could say without fear to be mistaken, that the Nordic filling is the most popular solution against the cold at the moment. Knowing the characteristics of these is essential to make a good purchase and positively influence our rest.

The best Nordic is that with a minimum pen density, has a great heat and insulating power. Natural or synthetic fill? That is the first decision we will have to make, but not the only one. Do you want to know the keys to buying a Nordic filler that suits your needs? Do you want to know the last one? Trend in Nordic covers ? Come with us.

Types of Nordic Filler

The price difference That exists in this type of product does not help us to be rigorous in the choice of the Nordic filler most suitable to our needs. There are several questions we must ask ourselves before buying a Nordic. What is the temperature of the bedroom? Do I look for a natural or synthetic filling? These are good questions to get you started.

Natural Nordic Filler

A natural fill is the compound by Feathers or down feathers, Two well-differentiated elements that we usually tend to call the same way. The down, stands out above the rest of the fill. It is light and has great heat insulation qualities, giving us greater comfort. The best down will be the larger one. Why? The amount to get a certain volume in the quilt will be less the larger the down. In addition, with a large down will create a greater number of air chambers, which will allow better circulation and with it a better distribution of heat and more rapid evaporation of moisture.

Nordic feather or feather fill

The feathers have a central axis that makes them heavier, less pleasant to the touch and gives them poor thermal insulation capacity. In the market there are Mixed nordic fillings Combining down and feather. Obviously, the more down, the better your quality and the higher your price.

The price , Is not decisive but can give us many clues as to the origin of the filling. There is recovered or recycled down which, although it reduces the economic load of the purchase, also reduces its quality and durability. If a Nordic downfill is cheaper than a feather or a synthetic filler, you should flick it.

Synthetic Nordic Fillers

The Nordic Synthetic or Fiber , As they are also known, may be filled with microgel or polypume. Both repel moisture, dust, prevent the proliferation of fungi and are antiallergenic. The technology has advanced a lot, giving us today fibers that increasingly imitate the properties of the natural pen. However, we must know that for the same heat performance and thermal insulation, a synthetic fill will always be heavier.

Synthetic Nordic Filler

Between the Great advantages Of the synthetic fillers is the price, lower than that of the Nordics of down. Other advantages are the ease of washing; Making it the most popular option in children's rooms and / or second homes.

Determining factors in your purchase

What factors should we take into account when Buy a nordic ? The filling material, the insulating power, the clothing and the weight are factors in which we must look and that will make us choose one product or another. Price will also be a determining factor; Sticking to the budget and shuffling the different options within a"comfortable"range for us is essential.

  • Fill Power. It is a standard measure that indicates the volume occupying 28.35 g. Down under standard conditions. It is a way of gauging its quality; Since this parameter affects the capacity of heat insulation, volume, lightness, texture and comfort of the same. The best Nordic fillings on the market usually round a Fill Power of 9 or 10, on a scale of 10.
  • Grammage. The weight gives us a reference both to the heat and to the softness of the filling. Among those of fiber, a Nordic with a light weight of 175g / m2 may be enough for halftime, when the temperature of the bedroom exceeds 18ºC. While a 400g / m2 will be much more appropriate in cold rooms and / or without heating, where the temperature does not exceed 15 C °.
  • Making. Pure cottons allow the filling to breathe and moisture to escape. The ones made in this fabric are the most recommended along with other synthetic ones like the TopCool. It also influences the quality of sewing or weaving. A tight weaving ensures that the filling is evenly distributed throughout the product.

Nordic filler-tag

  • Measurements. The manufacturers advise that, for greater comfort, we choose Nordic covers that hang of 30 to 50 cm by each side of the bed. Once chosen the size of the fill, we will have to buy Nordic chord sleeves.
  • Maintenance . Whether natural or synthetic, the Nordic should shake and air every day when airing the room. As for washing, it is important to read carefully the instructions of each manufacturer. The natural ones require some indication more: they must wash next to 3 balls of tennis; But everyone can wash at home. It is advisable to dry them in the dryer to make sure the Nordic is completely dry before using it.

Nordic trend covers

Nordic covers have a great influence on the Overall bedroom aesthetics . In the market you will find Nordic covers made of a mixture of polyester, 100% cotton or Egyptian cotton, among other materials, with a wide variety of designs both plain and printed. Do you want to know the latest trends in Nordic covers for children and adults?

Nordic covers for children

Nordic covers for children

Fun, colorful, stimulating... so are the Nordic sheaths that the textile firms propose for the little ones. Among the most popular are those with Geometric motifs : Polka dots, stars, diamonds.... Neutral duvet covers that we can see both in bedrooms for girls and boys.

Nordic covers for adults

Nordic trend covers

And for adults? Tendencies for adult bedrooms are different. Among the Nordic cases with monocolor design, there are those that Present reliefs Which bring some texture to them. Among the prints are the Nordic covers with watercolor motifs; A trend that we have recently seen to involve both textiles and wall paper and Decorative sheets.

Among the trends we also want to cite reasons Intricate prints , Like those who simulate the mandalas that are so fashionable now coloring. In addition there are classics that do not go out of fashion like floral prints, paisley or geometric.

And you? Do you use nordic?

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