DIY wooden headboards in the bedroom

DIY wooden headboards

Bed headboards can change the look of a bedroom, so we should not underestimate them when it comes to decorating. A nice headboard means highlighting the bed area and bringing a lot of style to the space. In this case we talk about DIY headboards In wood, made with boards, windows or branches, as there are many great ideas.

Discover ideas to do Headboards at home with wood , Or buy them with that look of fact by hand. It is a perfect idea if we want to give a rustic touch to the room, avoiding the colder environments, since the wood always brings warmth to any space.

DIY wooden headboards with tables

These Wooden headboards DIY Are made with boards, but are not limited to the usual, but have created a huge headboard. In one of the beds even follows up to the ceiling, becoming a structural element that draws attention in the bedroom.

DIY wooden headboards with branches

These headboards also use wood, but in a totally different way. Nail Old windows Are the perfect element, since we will also be recycling. If you want to give a more rustic touch yet, you can opt for the branches to make the headboard. The result is very original, and surely it is impossible to find another headboard the same.

DIY wooden headboards with garland

Sometimes we see the wooden headboard and it seems a little boring. In these cases, the truth is that wood is easy to treat for To be able to adorn it . In it you can put messages, or even paint the color tables. Another usual idea is to add some decorative detail to personalize a little more that headboard. Garlands are perfect details and very decorative. You can make a DIY garland with a string and with family or travel photographs. You can also make a garland with pennants and letters, or use a with lights to give a more romantic look to the room.

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