DIY: Pockets and wall organizers

DIY: Pockets or wall organizers

I have long wanted to show you Different DIY projects With which to keep organized the stationery, the magazines or the dolls of the smallest. To recreate them you will only need some fabric and / or piece of leather, needle, thread and creativity the secret ingredient of all DIY!

The idea is to create small pockets, independent or cascade, that can be used as Wall organizers. We have tried to select models of different difficulty regardless of your ability with the needle or the machine, you can recreate some of them. You dare?

If you have taken a quick look at the photos you will have noticed that we can even create a Pocket set Without handling a needle. To buy some plastic containers in bright colors and to hang them in the wall with open sockets, can become a great proposal for the children's rooms.

DIY: Pockets or wall organizers 1

But do not do"trap"we take needle and thread. In addition to enjoying a pleasant"hobby"will be the way to achieve an organizer not only practical, but personal. I love the idea of ​​putting fabrics together in one tone but with different patterns to create a Multi-pocket child organizer . But I also like the individual sachets that hang from sticks; Are perfect for children to keep pajamas and their favorite doll next to the bed.

DIY: Pockets or wall organizers 2

Similar idea but for adults it reproduces in the superior image in earth tones, reds and oranges. The idea of ​​mixing Pockets of different characteristics, Not only brings originality but also makes it more practical. You can recreate it with cuts of different fabrics and without creating stitches that are too thin.

The individual bags are perfect for organizing those journals that you use regularly or those tools that you use to sew or make different crafts. You can make them with cloth with rings to hang them of a bar in the wall; Style frame with a pocket that allows you to store scissors and pens; or Of cork and leather With a strap, as if it were a bag.

What is your most attentive call?

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