DIY ideas to do on a weekend

small kitchen

There are phenomenal weekends to be able to do some other DIY homework at home to renovate your home, upgrade it or simply save labor costs by collecting materials or just doing a job you can do yourself. Today I want to talk to you about some DIY ideas that you can do on a weekend and that are great for updating your home.

Update Kitchen Furniture

To update the kitchen furniture you do not have to buy all the furniture again, much less! You can take into account the existing cabinets and give them a pass with paint and even repacking the cabinets by putting new doors. But to do all this you will have to Take into account your budget And the time available.

New shooters

If your furniture pulls are broken or worn, do not hesitate to replace them with better quality ones that last longer. For example stainless steel handles are modern and will always look great.

Insulate doors and windows

Putting putty around windows, doors and spaces between floor and baseboards can save energy so your heating or air conditioning will produce more for less.

Replace taps

If the faucets you have in the house, whether in the kitchen or in the bathrooms or bathrooms are in poor condition, it will never hurt to change them for others that are more beautiful and according to your current decoration.

Decorate with decorative vinyl

Decorative vinyls are an excellent choice to decorate the smooth walls of your home without having to paint another color to update the walls. In addition they are quite economic and they embellish much the stays.

Which of these easy DIY do you like the most to do this weekend?

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