Dispatch at home, how to decorate it

Dispatch at home

Nowadays it is usual for everyone to have a office at home , a work zone that can be used both to make household accounts and to finish projects or work from home. That is why we have many ideas to decorate these spaces, since they have to be functional, comfortable and adapted to the taste of the person.

He office at home is a place of work but we can decorate it in a very personal way, since it is ours and is part of the home. That's why we take more trouble than in an office outside the home. There are many interesting furniture for this space, but also decorative details.

Dispatch at home, the chair

Chair for the office

If we work from home we will realize the importance of the chair that we have chosen is very comfortable. In general, the ergonomic chairs of the offices , because they are the ones that keep the back in the best position. However, you can also look for more decorative chairs, as long as they are comfortable for you. Some can be added cushions or blankets of hair to make them more comfortable.

Furniture for the office

Furniture for the office

The choice of furniture for the office At home it is also something important, because they have to be functional. You should think about the size of table you need, so as not to let you take only the aesthetic aspects. The tables should be spacious but we may also need to have drawers to store things. There are many different models of tables that come with their matching chairs, so it will not be difficult to find one that suits our tastes and needs.

Storage space

Storage space in office

In the office it is necessary to have many times a large storage space , in case we have to organize and store many documents. For this we need bookshelves or furniture classifiers, which are also sold for the home. We can buy boxes or classifiers and thus have everything well ordered, something fundamental when it comes to work.

Lighting for the home office

Lighting for the office

The office at home you will need good lighting , in case we have to work at night. That is why this is another point that we must look carefully, choosing good lights, beyond the style that the lamp may have. Nowadays, industrial bulbs are widely used and provide a lot of light so they can be an interesting trend option.

Office in vintage house

Vintage dispatch

If you like what vintage with charm , then you can add furniture of this style in your office. The furniture can be found in shops and antique shops. If you have an old piece of furniture at home you can always recycle it and use it in your new office, because to make it look new you will only have to give it a coat of paint.

Low cost office

Low cost office

Those who do not want to spend a lot in their office at home, have some low cost options However, they can be very good. Tables with easels are nothing more than planks that can be bought on any large DIY surface. Paint the plank of the color that we like and buy some easels. With this simple set we will get a large and durable table, as well as low cost. To make everything a little more cozy, we will only have to choose some details, such as some paintings for the walls, a carpet of hair, an original geometric paper basket, simple shelves and some plants.

Nordic style

Nordic style desk

You can not miss the Nordic style inspirations , since they are very fashionable. This style has the great advantage of being very simple, with furniture of basic shapes and with the use of a lot of wood in light tones, which brings luminosity and warmth to everything. This style is ideal for those who do not want complicated ideas in their office at home, but functionality.

Chic dispatch

Chic style office

At the office we can always add a few chic touches , with pastel colors, flowers and very soft pink tones. In addition, there are many details that give an elegant and up-to-date look to our table, such as small vases or that lamp with a glass foot.

Decorated walls

Walls of the office

In the offices we can take into account also the walls . These are used to put the shelves or to add details that decorate the space, providing a personalized touch. In this case we see an even more original idea, since they have painted the wall with slate paint, in which you can write with chalk. It is a great idea, as this will serve as an area to point out important things, being functional and fun at the same time. The only drawback is that the black color can subtract light, so it can only be done in large and bright offices.

Dispatch in industrial style

Industrial style

We ended with a beautiful inspiration from a dispatch in industrial style . In this space we see how they have stuck to a style to give personality to the office, from the vintage desk to the metal chair or analog metal watches.