Discover the imitation wood floors

Discover the imitation wood floors

We did not decide for the type of floor, since we like the resistance of the stoneware but the warmth and the aspect that gives the wood to all the stays. Well you can stop searching, because for a while there is an option that is like a Hybrid between them And that has convinced many people. It looks like wood, but it is not, it is ceramic.

The Imitation wood flooring Have become really popular and may hide in more than one house and we take a surprise to note that it is not really wood, but ceramic or stoneware that is so well done that we do not notice the difference except for Texture when touched. With the quality of ceramics today we can have the good of both parties. Take note of all the details of these interesting floors for your home.

What are imitation wood floors?

The Imitation wood flooring Are those that look like wood but are not. We do not refer to poor quality parquet flooring, but to these newly emerged floors that are ceramic, like the tiles of a lifetime, but give the floor a look of wood. They are made with such quality and precision that it really looks like a wooden floor. They can be distinguished from these in the touch and in that they are much more leveled and perfect, without the streaks of the more rustic wood. As wood has become very popular in the soil in all types of environments, a solution has been sought that has many more advantages.

Type of finishes we found

Imitation wood flooring

At present, these floors imitate different types of wood that we have in the market. From walnut to beech, chestnut or oak. We simply must Choose based on wood tone That we like the most for the floor of our home. The lighter ones are usually used in modern Scandinavian-style environments, the mid-tones in classic places and the darker ones in rustic and elegant environments. Although the variety may not be as wide as in wood paints, the truth is that we do have enough finishes and tones.

Advantages of imitation wood flooring

This is the most interesting part, and it is precisely that many people are changing from parquet and wooden floors to those of imitation wood for its many advantages. One of the most important is the Durability of this material Of ceramic in front of the wood. It certainly has a lot more strength and will last for much longer than wood, so in the long run it's a choice that pays off.

Another advantage is that Does not absorb liquids . In wood, water can be a big problem that will ruin the soil completely. The wood swells and the floors are warped and you have to remove it and reinstall it. With the stoneware we do not have this danger if one day we suffer floods or an excess of humidity at home, because it does not affect the water in this way.

Have a Maintenance much easier Than wood floors, which need polishing, to avoid moisture and special waxes. The more the damage is done, the more certain it is that the maintenance will be higher, especially when the floor is lost.

Disadvantages of imitation wood stoneware floors

Imitation wood floor 1

Although all appear to be advantages, the truth is that these soils also have their disadvantages compared to those of wood. One of them is that the cost of imitation wood ceramics is higher, but if we think that durability also, as it can compensate us. On the other hand, this Material is colder Because it has more conductivity, and the heat of our body to step on it is distributed faster, so it seems colder. Of course it does not have the warmth of the wood although it looks like wood. A final disadvantage is that the installation of this type of floor is more difficult because the floor must be fully leveled, but in the long run it is more durable, so the cost can also compensate.

Styles to combine

When we add these floors to the house, we have many Styles with which they can combine . The wood is ideal for classic spaces, but also in Nordic houses, which is a very modern trend. In this type of style very light woods are used, so keep that in mind if you want to achieve that effect. In rustic-style houses, wooden floors are also essential, but in this case darker colors are used, but not too much so as not to eliminate light.

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