Design of the kitchens in L, practical ideas

Kitchen in L

The Kitchens in L Have a characteristic design, in which the furniture is placed forming this letter. It takes advantage of a part of the wall and a small side area. This design has been widely used in many homes, because it has clear advantages, especially to take advantage of space in the best way.

Today we will look at some practical ideas for Enjoy the kitchens in L . Kitchens that are functional and that take advantage of the corners of this stay. In addition, they are very advantageous for the free space they leave. So take note of everything you can do with them because it is a simple design and also practical.

Advantages of L-Kitchens

Kitchen in L 1

L kitchens are often chosen on many occasions, and they have the great advantage that they help us Take advantage of all available space In our kitchen. Typically, the rooms are rectangular, so you can put the main kitchen on one of the elongated sides. But this is usually not enough to add all the cabinets and appliances needed in a kitchen, so one more part is added, and the kitchen is left with an L-design that makes it much more functional.

These kitchens also have the great advantage that Leave plenty of space in the rest of the kitchen . If this is large enough, it will give us the opportunity to add a table to make a small dining room, or even an island to complement the kitchen in L. Be that as it may, it is one of the designs most appealed due to the practicality it presents , As it adapts to most spaces prepared as kitchens.

L-shaped kitchens with island

Kitchen with island

As we have said, in these kitchens sometimes there is space in the central area, since they take advantage of the walls very well with the shape in L. Having this design are cozy, and also give us the opportunity to Add an island And that this perfectly suits the available space. The island is also very useful, as it provides us with a space that we can use as an improvised dining room for a few people, but also as a work table. So we can always consider adding one of these islands in the center of the kitchen so that the kitchen in L is more functional still. This island should have the same style and tones as the rest of the kitchen to not out of the way.

Classic L kitchens

Kitchen in L

These L-kitchens have been seen for a long time. It is a form that arises from taking advantage of a corner of the kitchen with the work area. So we will surely find Kitchens in classic style Which have this form of L. Kitchens in which we normally find the stoves and the oven in the longest area, and the dishwasher or storage cabinets in the shortest area. The cabinets are usually wooden, the most classic, and the basic tones.

Modern L kitchens

modern kitchen

Modern kitchens can be perfectly adapted to this type of kitchen. A L design Is perfect for any style, since it makes it much easier to add storage space and everything we need. In the case of modern kitchens, doors are usually added without handle, smooth, and in shades that are basic and elegant or stronger and flashier, such as red.

Lighting in Kitchens in L

Kitchen in L

These kitchens always Natural light flood all From the side, which is usually where the window is located. If we have a lot of natural light, it is easier to use colors like red. Otherwise, if there is little natural light, we will always have to resort to lighter shades so that the kitchen does not give us the feeling of small, although this does not usually happen in L-shaped kitchens, which leave enough room to move. If the lighting is artificial, it will always focus on the work area, with spot lights.

L-shaped kitchens with dining area

Kitchen with dining area

Just as we can add an island to these practical kitchens, we see the L-shaped kitchens with dining area . In these kitchens can be added a small dining room, as they leave us a large central space for it. That is why it is the most sought after and used kitchens.

Decoration in kitchens with L

Colorful kitchen

These kitchens are decorated with their elements. That is, to make it more beautiful or add color we can add some Creative tiles . These usually attract attention and be part of a different decoration. But we can also add vinyls on the doors or on the walls to create a much more modern and cheerful kitchen. The colors chosen can also help decorate, with shades like red or orange.

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