Decorative ideas with glass jars for the home

Pineapple boats

For some time now we have seen how Glass jars They get more prominence in many decorations. Not only is it durable material, but glass jars give us a lot of play when using them for many other things. From vases to candlesticks, they are pieces that can be recycled with an endless number of uses.

Today we are going to see a few Ideas for decorating with glass jars . So you can go gathering all those jars of jars of jam and other things and before you throw them to think about the many uses you can give them to decorate the corners of the home with a lot of charm.

Glass jars with candles

Glass jars with candles

Create candle holders With the glass pots is very simple. Sometimes we just have to put a small candle inside and it already serves us to ambientar the spaces besides of safe form. Inside the boat we can also put something to decorate, be it stones or sand. That depends on the type of decoration we have. We can also add twine or strips of cloth to decorate each pot. This is a fabulous idea for the bathroom area, to create a relaxing chill out space with candles and on a reduced budget. They also fit the bedroom or living room.

Glass jars with different shapes and sizes

Crystal boats

When using these Glass jars for decoration , You have several possibilities. You can buy them or look for them all the same, to create a very convivial decoration, but you can also give a casual touch to everything by mixing. Today mixes are taken, so do not hesitate to gather glass jars of various sizes and shapes and make fun combinations that give an original and casual air. It is important that they have something in common. For example use only bottles, or cans in glass without color, so that even if they are different they have an element that unifies them.

Vintage crystal boats

Vintage crystal boats

In these glass jars we can also Find vintage ideas With very much style to decorate corners of old style or rustic. These boats have vintage touches, and have been added large flowers in shades that combine well with the neutral and worn colors of the boats, in addition to the strings that put the finishing touch.

Glass vases as vases

Glass vases

Continuing with the above idea, the glass pots are a Super vases . Almost everyone uses them for this purpose, because they are like informal touch vases for the home and they are also really inexpensive. If we do not have where to put some flowers, we will only have to look for one of those boats in the pantry and use it to put some flowers with an eclectic and bohemian style.

Potted crystal pots

This is a great idea to create a Kind of floral wall . With an old wooden board we added a metal grab for the boats and we already have a lot of vases to decorate the area of ​​the wall. It is ideal for the terrace area, to give it the natural touch without leaving space. In addition, this idea can be used to make storage containers for example in the home office.

Glass bowls for sweet tables and events

Sweet table

Boats are also ideal for Decorate at parties and events . Who has not heard of the famous sweet tables? Tables in which there is a nice decoration, sometimes themed, to put the cakes and sweets, so that everyone can get close to catch something. Glass jars are often part of these sweet tables, because they have that vintage touch and also because they allow us to see what they have inside. So do not hesitate to get them to create the perfect sweet table. At current party stores there are all sorts of ideas and shapes in glass jars for these tables.

Tagged boats

A great idea to decorate the pots at the sweet tables is Add tags . These can usually be written with chalks or markers, so that we will identify each thing. They are also ideal jars to make small gifts to the attendees, with each one's name and with jugs or details inside. The truth is that these glass pots can be filled with many things, hence have many uses.

Glass Boat Parties

In the events and celebrations today are used glass boats used for many things. Can be chosen as base For centerpieces , Surrounded with a lace ribbon or a bow to give it a much more delicate and romantic touch, ideal for outdoor weddings. There are also many other ideas, like boats that can be hung with candles to illuminate at night, or to put some things of the party, like those straws for drinks. What use would you give to the glass pots?

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