Decoration with salt lamps

Salt lamps in the home decoration

Salt lamps are undoubtedly a good claim in decoration for the home, for any stay. The Himalayan salt lamps are best known for their unique beauty in pink and orange shades. But in addition, the decoration with lamps of salt has if little, b Benefits that go beyond what seems to the naked eye.

They are usually elements that are placed in bathrooms, bedrooms or living rooms to enhance a relaxed and quiet. Salt lamps have health benefits, so In addition to enjoying them as part of your decoration you can also do it to feel healthier by placing them on the table in your home What more do you like If you do not know how to decorate or what uses to give the salt lamps in your home, read on.

What is a salt lamp (or Himalayan lamp)

Normally the typical salt crystals are clear or white, but the salt of the Himalayas is quickly identified by its pink, reddish or orange color. It is a variety of salt so characteristic because Has minerals naturally as well as a small presence of iron oxide, Which is what gives the touch of color so distinctive.

Salt lamps in the home decoration 1

Traditionally extracted in the Punjab region in Pakistan, the pink salt of the Himalayan owes its name to the sierra which extends across the borders of Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan and China. Although it bears a regional name, salt in the market today can also come from Poland or Iran.

To create this lamp so beautiful is used a crystal of salt that is hollowed inside and inserted a light bulb that can be placed allowing the light emanating to radiate through the salt, causing a unique glow throughout the room. It is a rather dim light so it enhances a quiet atmosphere, full of harmony and relaxation.

Benefits for you to decorate with a salt lamp

Many people strongly believe that salt lamps have great benefits for your health, from purifying the air to improving your mood. Although there are no benefits that are scientifically proven, discover some advantages you can have with these types of lamps in your home.

Salt lamps in the home decoration 2

Clean Air

Salt absorbs water molecules, so many believe that these lamps absorb water in the air, which carry dust, pollen and pollutants. These particles get trapped in the salt when the water evaporates back into the air. Filtration of these particles can help reduce odors and can even help reduce the symptoms of asthma and allergy.

Increases energy levels

It is believed that salt lamps generate negative ions, which fight against the positive ions already in the atmosphere. Positive ions can reduce blood flow and oxygen to the brain, which can drain your energy, cause loss of sleep, impair concentration and productivity, and can make you have a worse mood. Instead, With a salt lamp in your room, this can improve drastically.

Neutralizes electromagnetic radiation

This type of radiation emanates from the electronics that fill our homes (televisions, computers, mobile phones, appliances, consoles...). Exposure to electromagnetic radiation has negative health impacts, from fatigue to a weaker immune system. The negative ions emanating from the salt lamps supposedly help to neutralize this radiation.

Salt lamps in the home decoration 3

How to decorate with salt lamps in your home

To take advantage of the homeopathic benefits of these lamps, place one of them somewhere where you spend a lot of time, do not forget that electronics along with salt lamps nearby helps you to mitigate the electromagnetic radiation that diffuses through your home. You can place a salt lamp near your television or computer in your office.

Other key areas in the home to place a salt lamp can be on a side table next to the couch (where you spend a lot of time watching TV), on your bedside table (right next to the bed to improve your sleep) , Near an area where you work or where you study as in the office of your home office.

Salt lamps in the home decoration 4

Salt lamps create Zen zones in your home, with a natural and rather bohemian style, but also a decorative accent that will not leave you indifferent. However, you do not need to have a bohemian style to decorate with salt lamps. These lights have a quite striking color but at the same time relaxing and are usually small in size so they will work with any style of decoration. You can also have a salt lamp off (without connecting to the stream) simply as decoration.

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