Decoration of garrets, different uses and ideas

If you have a home with attic on top , do not leave this place as a storage space where you can leave everything you do not use. A loft can give a lot of itself, so we should not underestimate it. It is a quiet corner of the home that can become a sanctuary to rest, or also in an additional bedroom, a space for reading or games for children.

We are going to give you different ideas for garret decoration , taking advantage of these beautiful and cozy spaces of the home. A falling roof does not have to make that space become useless, because we can do great things with these areas.

Attic as a bedroom

The attic can be an ideal space in which put a bedroom with a private bathroom . The attics are usually quite spacious and open plan, so they offer us great possibilities. It is a great place to put a bedroom where we also have a bathroom, with adequate facilities. It brings a lot of privacy and can be a quieter place than other rooms.

Play space

These attics can be the ideal place to add a super space for small games . If they have their game room in the attic, they will be in a place just for them and so we will not have their toys and things all over the house, since everything will be kept in the attic. And since the spaces are usually wide, you can add several spaces for games, a teepee, cushions to sit and read or even swings. It is a place where you can do great things and decorate it thinking of the little ones, because it will be entirely yours.

Relaxation area in the attic

If this is not the children's play area, an attic can also be a space in which to rest. A silent area that is the place ideal to add a reading corner . You just have to add ample bookshelves for books and comfortable sofas or puffs. With some plants and some details we will have a Zen place in which to relieve stress daily.

Living room in the attic

In the Attic we can add a living room , which may be the only one we have at home or another, so that the family can have a room to watch TV and another to rest, read or sit down to talk. This space is undoubtedly a place that serves as a space for relaxation within the home.

Luminous space

One of the things that garrets have is that they do not have much light. They usually have most of the roof covered and some upper windows, so the spaces can get a little dark. That's why we have to do our part so that the attic becomes more luminous . One of the tricks is to use the color white on walls, textiles and even furniture. Also adding surfaces that reflect light and some mirrors can be a great idea. The points of light and lamps where there is not so much natural light is something important, so that we have a space where we can read, work or rest.

Wooden beams

It is very common to find garrets in which they expose the wooden beams . It is an addition that adds style and charm to this space, as well as warmth. If we see that the spaces become very cold then it is possible to add wooden furniture, floors or walls to give that touch of warmth that is essential in the spaces.

Use the light

When you have in your hands the mission of decorating a loft, you will have to orient the furniture to take advantage of natural light as best as possible . Although we will have to add artificial light, natural light is always very good for reading or doing activities, so you can guide the sofas or armchairs to use it. Starting from this premise, we can then add the other furniture and choose its arrangement as it is better for the purpose that we will give to the attic.

Offices in the attic

The attic is a quiet place, so it can be a relaxing space, but it is also the ideal place to prepare a work zone at home . If you do a large part of your work at home, then I may want to take advantage of the attic, since you can have peace and plenty of space to put a table, chair, storage furniture to keep documents and even a small area with coffee maker and microwave to prepare small meals. The tricks to make this place cozy are the same as with the other spaces, from adding a lot of white color to take advantage of natural light and put beautiful textiles, like a cozy carpet that provides warmth.