Decoration in the warm ocher color

Ocher color

He ocher color is an ideal tone for the arrival of autumn, which is a step away. That season in which we want to see the warm tones in the home again. These colors are also elegant and timeless, perfect for any stay. Today we will see how to add the ocher color to our home.

To add the ocher tones in the home we have to know how to add them and how to combine them. It is a warm color that can look great in any space, even in children's rooms. So take note of all the inspirations we give you and enjoy adding such an autumnal tone to your home.


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  • 4 Ocher color in children's spaces

Advantages of ocher color

Ocher tones

If you like the tones they give us warm feeling , sure that the ocher color will be among your favorites. The ocher tone is a kind of brown, a mustard tone that is not as striking as yellow but is close to this and brown, as a mixture of both. It is more cheerful than brown but less intense than a yellow, so it combines the advantages of both, as it brings light, warmth and sophistication to the environments.

There are cool colors and warm colors . The former encompasses tones such as blue or green and the latter have the ocher color, brown or yellow. With the warm tones we can make a space look more cozy easily, so they are highly recommended during the fall-winter season, since the feeling of warmth is greater. This ocher tone helps us to give that touch to the spaces.

On the other hand, ocher tone may result ideal for any space , since it is not out of fashion, it is almost one of those basic tones, such as beige, that can be added to the spaces without going out of fashion. We can use it in sober spaces or in more cheerful ones, simply by making good combinations of shades, and it is also a color that has become popular in children's spaces.

How to combine ocher color

Ocher tones 1

Ocher tones can be combined with other colors such as brown or gold, which are also warm. If we want to create a contrast, we must resort to cold tones that are contrary, such as lead gray or slightly dark blue. These colors will highlight even more the ocher color, so everything will look much more beautiful. If we do not want to complicate ourselves too much, we can use a white color as base , which always looks good, and then add the ocher tone in strokes, so that it stands out over the white. With the white color we get is having bright spaces despite using strong tones such as ocher, so if our house has small rooms, this will be without a doubt the best option.

Inspiration in ocher color

Ocher color

Ocher color can be added in the home to create those environments with warm colors . As the warm tones are usually cozy, we may not be afraid to use this tone. An ocher tone throughout the wall is possible, although it must be remembered that there will be light to a space without natural light. In this case they have left the floors and the chairs in white so the other does not saturate so much.

Ocher tones

Another way of decorating is through small touches of color in a space over basic tones such as white or gray. This color will give a little life to those muted tones and add warmth to everything. We can do this by adding only textiles, as it is a much cheaper way in case we want to add cooler tones like blue during the summer season.

Ocher tones 2

This is a good color also for an office . It brings warmth and is sober, so it can be a great choice in case we have to set up a home office. In these walls they put a touch of contrast with the lines in blue.

Ocher color in children's spaces

Children's room

Ocher may not seem like a very childish color, as we are used to seeing typical pastel colors, blues or roses as protagonists. However he has shown that he can also be an excellent candidate for decorating children's spaces . In general it is better to add small strokes and mix it with another color, such as gray or green. But with the walls in this tone and the white floor the set is also great.

Ocher color

In this case they have opted for ocher and pink textiles to give it a nice warm color to a few white rooms at the base. With textiles mixed properly we can get things as beautiful as these. In this case they have chosen a pink color that combines very well with ocher, and have added it both in bed textiles as in cushions and carpets. The final result is great, with those colors so beautiful and with some autumnal touch.

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