Decoration in rooms for girls

Children's room with charm

Children's rooms have to have a special charm and also be functional. Although nowadays neutral rooms are usually created for boys and girls, we also have the most classic ideas in pink and pastel tones, with romantic and feminine touches. We have ideas for all tastes when it comes to decorate children's spaces for girls .

The rooms for girls can be decorated in many ways . From using pastel shades to more intense colors, varied motifs and especially furniture that is useful for children and that are easy to handle. The decorative details will always depend on the taste of the children.

Room for colorful girls

Intense tones for the nursery

He color is always welcome in children's rooms . These rooms for girls have many happy and funny details. Intense pink colors and blue tones that create a risky combination that works. You can also add various prints, with bright textiles, garlands and small details.

Room with bunk beds

Pink tones for the nursery

Girls' rooms they can also be shared spaces , so there are many ideas to create a joint room for girls. Bunk beds are the best piece of furniture in this type of room, since they allow to save a lot of space. This furniture has beautiful pink and lilac colors, also offering great functionality with storage area, a desk, stairs with drawers and two beds, one of them at the top. The tones are cheerful and bright, perfect for a shared room for girls.

Nordic style room

Nordic style furniture

In the girls' rooms it is also welcome the beautiful nordic style . Their furniture is suitable for all types of stays and tastes, so they are very versatile. The desk will be useful for many years, as well as the wardrobe or the bed, due to the simple Nordic lines and the white and wood tones. In this case they have opted for a blue color that is cheerful for children's rooms.

Simple style room

Simple rooms

The most basic and simple ideas They can also be the most beautiful. This room for girls has great elements for the little ones. That rocking chair is great for them to read. The luminous sign gives a personalized touch and the tipi will be your place for games and reading. The white color is the one that predominates, along with other pastel colors very soft, for a very bright environment.

Romantic room

Romantic style room

In the rooms for girls there is always space for the most romantic style . In this room they add beautiful pink walls with white stars, a puff in capitoné and a great canopy for the bed. They are small details that offer that romantic touch that never goes out of style.

Accessories for the nursery

Nordic style room

When it comes to decorating a girls room we also have to think about the little decorative details . An original table to store some things, storage baskets that can be paper, fabric or wicker and beautiful textiles printed with current motifs.

Thematic style room

Thematic room

The thematic rooms do not go out of style , so we can always find one that is ideal for the tastes of the girl. This in particular is inspired by the medieval world and is a really fun space with its games shops, a four-poster bed and matching furniture with the same theme. Nowadays it is easy to find spaces with all kinds of themes, and we can even look for inspiration in a color or a motif, such as clouds or rabbits. The important thing is that girls like it, they are the ones who will enjoy it.

Room in pastel colors

Girls room

The Girls rooms are ideal in pastel colors , which are also very fashionable. Pastel colors give joy to the nursery without saturating or adding too much energy to the space, since we must not forget that it is the resting place. The furniture in mint green is very beautiful and there are details that fall in love with us in this room, from the pink bookcase in the shape of a house to the dresser painted with triangles of various pastel shades. On the walls there is a smoke gray with vinyls of clouds in various colors. It is undoubtedly a room in which much emphasis has been placed on every detail. Lamps with fun shapes, children's sheets or cushions shaped like a house or cloud are other details that add charm.

Playground for the girls' room

Children's playground

In the girls rooms you can also enjoy play spaces prepared for them . In this we also see an atmosphere inspired by the romantic style, with walls in which there is a wallpaper of flowers and vintage furniture. They have prepared a space in a corner to sit, rest and read, with garlands and a very comfortable mattress.