Decoration in country houses

If you have a country house, you may have thought that you should only use the rustic style to decorate it, but nothing is further from the truth, since a space like this can lead to a lot of play. The decoration in country houses has a thousand inspirations , from vintage furniture to modern pieces, wooden floors, stone or whitewashed walls and a long etcetera.

We will see a few ideas in decoration in country houses to enjoy with these spaces which also tend to be broad. We must also think that we will have a garden and terrace, so there are a thousand possibilities when it comes to decorating them.

Wicker furniture

The wicker furniture are very fashionable at this moment and everyone is looking for them. They bring home a unique bohemian and vintage style, so they are also perfect for homes that are in natural environments, such as country houses. In this we see a table made with wooden trunks, colorful vintage wooden furniture and various wicker furniture, from a sofa bed to a rocking chair and a nice chair. A perfect combination for a simple whitewashed house that needed color and warmth.

Materials in country houses

In the cottages Natural materials are often used, since they combine better with everything. We find many natural wood furniture, rattan rugs, lamps and wicker details, which are also very fashionable. An antique wooden furniture, a rug in natural fabrics, wool, cotton and field plants are things that combine very well with the natural touch that these houses have.

Boho style

A country house may have that rustic touch but add a more boho and current style . In this case we see the typical stone walls, vintage wood furniture and a fireplace. But they have also added hair rugs on the sofas and cushions with nice prints to renew them. The carpet with geometric pattern and bright colors adds a boho style to everything.

Modern country houses

A country house too can have a contemporary style that mixes with varied elements. These houses have the advantage that they are usually spacious and have plenty of natural light, so the spaces can be open and large, in which to add several furniture that are interesting. This house has a painting that takes all the prominence, since it is the one that adds color in a space of neutral tones, but there are also other details such as the piano, the large pots on the sides, the leather sofa, the chair of plastics and the sofa with a classic and elegant pattern. A house that is modern but has to use contrasts when choosing the decoration.

Chic style

A country house can be elegant and chic, with typical touches like the fireplace and sophisticated furniture. Those chairs with the beautiful upholstery or the crystal lamp speak to us of an environment in which the touch of luxury is sought. As we say, it is not always necessary to refer to the rustic style for this type of houses.

Kitchens in country houses

The Kitchens in the cottages are usually large and offer many possibilities. It is in these spaces where you usually see vintage kitchens with beautiful colors and tiles, like that beautiful kitchen in green tones with a very original floor and tiles. We also have the most modern rustic style, with wood furniture, copper-toned kitchenware and functional spaces.

Decorative details

In a country house we can also add some very typical details . The demijohns of glass have been revalued, but also the old brass cups, some metal candelabras and everything that may have been typical for years in this type of houses.

Floral print on country houses

We really like the floral print in the spring , so we can precisely add it to our country house if we want a delicate touch. These prints also add much joy because they are usually full of color and in this case they have dared to mix it with many other prints in a risky way but in similar tones, so that everything was at stake.

English style in country houses

In the country houses is very typical the English style , since it is classic and elegant at the same time. It is a style that does not usually go out of fashion and that is inspired by the English country houses. Picture motifs on upholstery, curtains for wooden windows and classic furniture for a relaxed and timeless atmosphere.

Rustic style

You can not miss the rustic style with lots of wood , a stone fireplace but inside a more modern environment. This house adds current details such as puff or metal lamps.

Terrace in country house

Every country house will have a large garden and the task of creating a wonderful terrace to enjoy it when the weather is good. There are many outdoor furniture to create dining rooms like this, with vintage and classic touches.