Decorating your home in boho style


He boho style boho chic , which is the most current and trend line, is a decorative style that results from inspiration in the bohemian world. Colors, blends, freedom and relaxation are some of the keys to finding the ideal boho style. If you like this way of decorating, be attentive because today we will see what are the keys to give the home a boho style.

If you love festivals and that touch of hippie inspiration , sure boho chic style is your thing. There are some things that are key to distinguish this style from others, but above all we must know that we are facing a totally free tendency, perfect to unleash our creativity.


  • 1 Very colorful
  • 2 Dare to mix patterns
  • 3 Exotic ringtones
  • 4 Long live nature
  • 5 Boho style with chic touches
  • 6 The boho textiles
  • 7 Natural materials

Very colorful


If there is something that characterizes most boho style spaces it is used very colorful in them . The intense colors and those tones inherited from hippy and exotic prints, with red, orange, blue and green mixed. We can dare with almost everything, but of course what we can not do is leave the spaces without color or use soft tones, which are more of other styles. Here hippie inspiration has a lot to do, and they liked intense colors, lively and above all joy. With much color we will have spaces full of life that everyone will like.

Dare to mix patterns


The mixes are the order of the day in this type of style, and is that there are many prints and is trying to create a decoration with total freedom. In this sense they are very close to the eclectic style, where many styles, colors and patterns are mixed to create something new. In the boho style we see mixtures of prints that in their great majority are inspired by the exotic, or the hippie world. They are stamped full of small details, which are also striking, but in the boho world can be mixed with other prints equally intense without any problem.

Exotic ringtones

Exotic Touch

In the boho style, too, include exotic touches . The bohemian world is a traveler, hence the tendency to include details of other cultures that complete a decoration of the most original. Many elements of the Moroccan world are used for their use of colors, which is very similar to the boho world. So you can add lamps or tables of this style, and also your typical leather puffs in colors. Colorful boho rugs are the ideal touch for these spaces. It is necessary to give a touch traveler and nomad to the boho tendency.

Long live nature

Style boho

In the bohemian world they are also very naturalists and ecologists . This means that they have a lot of appreciation for the naturalization and include it in their way of life. Hence in many of these boho spaces appear all kinds of plants and natural touches like furniture in natural wood. No doubt add a natural touch to the spaces helps to make them much more welcoming, and in this style are usually added from cacti to plants with large leaves in shades of green, which stand out against the intense color of the rest of the furniture. It is not a matter of filling everything with plants but there is usually one or two in simple pots to give the green touch to the spaces.

Boho style with chic touches

Boho chic

In boho style there is also room for stylish touches . It is what is known as boho chic style, which has a current touch. We can add antique furniture, beautiful lamps and fabrics with elegant prints to give that most sophisticated touch. But of course will continue the mixtures, the daring tones and the freedom to mix.

The boho textiles

Style boho

In this style are very important textiles that we are going to incorporate. And it is that boho textiles should be casual and mostly colorful. Mixing printed cushions with colorful tablecloths and carpets with bohemian prints in warm tones is a start. Also fringed fabrics are very typical of the bohemian world to add in some detail. A fringed blanket for the sofa is a great idea to add another textile among all who accept this great and creative style.

Natural materials

Decorating your home in boho style

Another detail that we must take into account in this style is that not only the plants are the natural . We must leave aside the prefabricated and materials such as plastic, which do not combine with this style. Instead we decant for pieces in cardboard, wood, cotton or wicker. We look for the most natural materials for these spaces, and it is a trend where you look for the most ecological side, even when choosing materials for decoration.

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