Decorating the home, ideas with pallets

Decorate with pallets

The ideas with pallets They have happened since they became fashionable a few years ago. We started with some outdoor furniture to get a low cost terrace furniture, but today these pallets have given a lot and we have many different ideas, from tables to photo frames or planters. If you have pallets at home and are willing to use them, here are a few ideas.

The Inspiration when decorating can help us decide on one project or another. The pallets have the great ability to adapt to all spaces and be very versatile, because with them we can do almost everything, which will make it very difficult for us to decide.

Pallet storage furniture

Storage furniture with pallets

If you need a original storage cabinet for your home you can always do it with the pallets. It is a risky idea and also quite difficult, because it requires changing the pallets to make shelves or comfortable adding boxes with wood. These furniture are low cost and of course very original, so much so that nobody will have another like ours. If we want to give a more finished touch, we can always paint the wood.

Bed with pallets

Bed made with pallets

The idea of ​​making a simple bed coupled some pallets It's great, and it does not take much longer to create the base on which to put the mattress. We must measure the pallets and the mattress to know more or less how it will be and that there is no or no space, but the idea is very basic and ecological. This room is really simple but it is just as welcoming.

Headboard made with pallets

Headboards with pallets

Another way to create the space of the bed is to use the pallets to make some beautiful headboards . Thus we complete the entire structure with these pallets. The headboards are ideal for hanging things on them, be they photos or garlands, because they can be a bit boring on their own. In this example we see how a simple garland of lights with colored balls brings a festive and fun touch to the bed.

Table created with pallets

Pallet table

We propose an idea a bit more complicated, but perfect for the most handy. It's about putting together several pallets to get to make a table . In the upper part we will have to use a table or glass to create an entire table, without the holes of the pallets, but this table can not be more original. In this case they have used it to make a dining table in black.

Pallets for the terrace

Terrace with pallets

On the terrace it was the first place where the pallets were used, so it is also a must add in the ideas for pallets. These pallets can be used to make coffee tables not too high , with several pallets stacked, but also to create spacious sofas on which to rest. They are manufactured in a simple way, joined two pallets on the floor and adding cushions and backs for comfort.

Bathroom furniture with pallets

Bath with pallets

The pallets can be used in the bathroom area too, although this is not usually the case. In the bathrooms we can see them as walls or to create a table for the washbasin . Different ideas for very original bathrooms at home.

Walls with pallets

Decoration with pallets

The pallets can be used for the walls. We support them or hang them on them and we have a piece that helps us exhibitor in which to put things . From books to photographs or costume jewelery, in case of adding some areas to hang things. If you paint the wood we can get a nice boho chic style for our home.

Kitchen with pallets

Kitchen with pallets

In the kitchen we have seen an interesting use of pallets. These are used to put on the walls and thus have a place where put the kitchen utensils which are most used daily. From pans to knives or spices. Everything depends on how we plan this space, but it will serve as a piece of storage in almost any room. And also put the original touch.

Pallets for plants

Planters with pallets

The pallets can be use to put plants daily . As simple planters or to make authentic vertical gardens, these pallets are perfect. They can be put on the walls to add pots or plants vertically. But also as steps in which to put the pots in different levels. As planters are perfect for the wood, which adds naturalness to the space.

Sweet table with pallets

Sweet table with pallets

Pallets are widely used in casual style weddings , especially those that have a space on the outside. In this case we see a large sweet table created with pallets among which they have added plants that give a natural and delicate touch. At weddings, pallets are also used for photocalls or to create rest areas outside.