Decorating ideas with ice cream sticks

Home decoration with ice cream sticks

As summer approaches, it is possible to focus on eating ice cream from time to time to fight the heat. But what do you do with the sticks once you've enjoyed their taste and freshness? It is possible that without thinking, throw them in the trash. Starting today, that will change. In addition to enjoying your ice cream you will start to save the ice cream sticks, because the more you have... the more things you can create!

Yes, it is possible to create many things with ice cream sticks, but the best thing is that you can decorate your home with them. Creativity and imagination are what really help you to achieve good results in the decoration of your home and ice cream sticks, and that your home is seen with authentic personality. Do you lack ideas to get good results? Do not worry because then from Decoora we are going to give you some ideas that will facilitate your decoration with ice cream sticks.

Tutorial to decorate with ice cream sticks

If you lack ideas to enjoy a practical decoration with ice cream sticks, we are going to show you this tutorial that will make you see everything easier. In the video, you will see 5 easy ideas to create decorative objects for your home, and best of all, they are very economical. It teaches the video to make shelves, an organizer, small boxes for your fruits and even, original shelves.

As you can see, they are very original and practical ideas, and besides, you can do them easily, with affordable materials, without much effort and with great results. The best thing about the video is that you can look at the step by step And stop it whenever you need to resume at the right time to continue with your creations. This video on Youtube can be seen thanks to the channel Crafts on.

What do you need?

To perform any of the ice cream sticks in the video, you will need a series of materials (easy to get). You can not miss these main materials:

  • Ice Cream Sticks
  • Glue gun
  • Silicone for gun
  • Scissors
  • Painting

Depending on what you want the final result of your creations with the ice cream sticks, you can choose a painting or another, or some material that is more convenient to use. In this list we have put the materials you need for sure, then, depending on the tutorial you want to do you may need added materials.

What does the tutorial teach you?

Ice cream sticks shelf

Ice cream sticks shelf

In the tutorial you will see how with six sticks you can make a hexagon and you can stick them with the silicone gun. Once you have the hexagon done, You only have to put the sticks on each side of the hexagon until you have the shelf width you want. It should be wide enough for you to place your objects.

Ice cream sticks shelf 1

The ideal is to paint it with acrylic paint, although with normal paint or spray is also a good choice. Once it's dry when you stick the sticks, you paint it and when it's all dry... you'll have your shelf ready!

Ice cream sticks shelf 2

A table top

Spoons with ice cream sticks

The shelves are necessary in all the houses since they have a very useful function to put pots or hot pans on top and That the tables or table cloths do not spoil.

Ice cream sticks for tablecloths

And with only 8 sticks (or more, depending on the size you want in your table), side by side and joining them in the bottom with another three sticks to the opposite direction will be more than enough. Afterwards you will only have to paint with a spray and you will have your shelves.

Mini Fruit Box

Fruit box with ice cream sticks

A few chopsticks separated by an approximately horizontal centimeter will be more than enough to start this small fruit box structure. You will have to go sticking the sticks of ice cream in all the sides and of correct form so that they fit well in the sides and a form of box is created.

Fruit box with ice cream sticks 3

Cut out the rounded ends so the box is square. You do not need to paint the box, as the color of the chopsticks will give a nice touch to your mini fruit box.


Earrings with ice cream sticks

The ends of ice cream sticks are ideal for creating original earrings. With only a punch you can drill the top of the earring to pass a ring or a wire to help you create the slope shape.

Earrings with ice cream sticks 4

Then you'll just have to paint it as you like. You can create different straight lines or paint as you want. Cheap earrings and recycled, great idea!

Earring Organizer

Pendant organizer with ice cream sticks

In addition to having some nice earrings, you can also have your own organizer of them. You can place your new earrings made with ice cream sticks and also, all you want.

Pendant organizer with ice cream sticks 5

You will have to create two triangles with three sticks each and stick them with silicone. In the video you can see clearly how to do it, it will be great!

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