Decorate your walls with washi tape

Walls decorated with washi tape

Tired of flat walls? Do you look for original proposals to transform them? Today we show you some Original and reversible ideas . A characteristic that last makes them much more attractive in the eyes of those who like me, feel intimidated by the great changes. The answer is in Washi Tape, a revolution in the world of crafts!

The Tapes tape Washi Tape Provide a world of possibilities to those who have a certain creativity. Easy to apply and remove, they can be applied almost to any surface cleanly. You can create with them beautiful effects on the walls of your home to give life to any room. Ready to value the different proposals?

All you need to do is transform a whole wall. We can create sober motifs using one of the colors of the chromatic palette used to decorate the room; Or striking, using vibrant colors as Roses or neon yellow .

Walls decorated with washi tape 1

In the kitchen or living room we can transform a large wall using a Striped motif . Well applying a repetitive pattern on a small wall or creating some continuity between wall and floor with a couple of crossed lines. If the wall is very large choose a wide washi tape so you do not miss out on a general plan.

Walls decorated with washi tape 2

Another proposal, valid in any room is to use the washi tape for Highlight the silhouettes Of furniture, Pictures or photographs . That way you will be able to draw attention to that particular set or element, turning it into a strategic focus.

Walls decorated with washi tape 3

Washi tape adhesive tapes are a great addition to Draw headers The most economical! Or other motives on the bed. They will be perfect in a teenage room or a young couple. And if in these rooms is a good resource imagine what you can create in a childlike in which color and creativity priman.

Ideas are many, with which you stay?

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