Decorate your table with a wide variety of tablecloths


Today we are going to talk about an element that sometimes we do not take into account but that has been part of our lives since always. These are the tablecloths, which today we can find in many materials and models to choose. The tablecloths dress the table, a very important place, because in it meetings and meals are held with friends and family.

The table cloths are an important part of the decoration of the table, being the base to enjoy a good decoration in any meal or dinner. It is also the fabric that protects the table and gives a more beautiful touch to the dining room, as it should not be forgotten that textiles help us dress the home.


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  • 2 Traditional tablecloths
  • 3 Roads table
  • 4 Placemats
  • 5 Dress a table together

Materials for tablecloths

Tablecloths 1

When choosing the tablecloths, we should not only let ourselves be carried by their prints or their colors, but also by the materials. The fabrics of synthetic fabrics last a lot and are priced lower, in addition to being the most common, with many models available. On the other hand, if we want to invest in quality, we can make them with cotton or linen tablecloths, which gives a touch of sophistication to our home. For those off-road places where we do not want to spend our day putting on washing machines, we have the plastic tablecloths that are getting more and more accomplished. They may not be as elegant, but they are ideal for day-to-day living, as stains do not penetrate the fabric and we can easily clean them to have them ready for the next day. We have also come to see the bamboo tablecloths, although this material is not very recommendable when cleaning, will only have to be used on special occasions.

Traditional tablecloths

Basic tones

If we are going to buy tablecloths for the home table surely we are thinking of the usual traditional tablecloths. We must measure the table to know the right size for it. Within each size there are many models, and we have a few ideas to decorate each table.

The tablecloths in basic tones they can never miss home. It is the easiest way to decorate the table in case we have a very varied or colorful tableware, as the tablecloth will become a background in the background and not the protagonist. Beige, white, gray or raw tones are the basic colors of which we speak, which save us from any situation, and therefore we must always have a tablecloth in these colors, avoiding stamping, so we can combine it with various napkins and dishes.

Another possibility when choosing the tablecloths is that we choose for more striking ideas, with various prints . The floral prints are very successful in this case, as they give an elegant and fresh touch to our table, with the advantage that this pattern never goes out of style. Nowadays we can find many others, from ethnic prints to boho chic or classic prints such as stripes. In these cases, the dishes should always be simpler, if possible in smooth tones, to be able to stand out on the printed background.

Roads table

Roads table

Table roads are a alternative to traditional tablecloth , but also serve to complement it. That is, we can use them alone, but most of the time they are used together with the tablecloth. They are long tablecloths that serve for each diner and that are put from one side to another of the table, hence its name. Not only are they decorative, but they also allow us to keep the large tablecloth cleaner, since the dishes and dirt usually remain on the table path. At the time of choosing it we must take into account the tone of the tablecloth and the tableware, they can not be the same but not out of order. That is, they must be tones that combine well. One blue and one white, one purple and one gray or one green and one yellow. There are many combinations and today we have much inspiration in online stores.


Individual tablecloth

We can also have on hand the individual tablecloths, which are also very practical. They are easy to wash and we can use them daily. They are also a way to decorate the large tablecloth by putting small individual tablecloths for each diner, the more careful. It will also give us the same ease when cleaning, as the larger tablecloth will generally remain cleaner. In this case there are many ideas, from tablecloths in all kinds of shades to very original bamboo tablecloths.

Dress a table together

Printed tablecloths

When choosing the tablecloth, as we have said, we also have to take into account the table as a whole . What kind of crockery do we have, the individual tablecloths, the napkins and the little details, like the centerpieces. All this must be coordinated with the tablecloth, which is almost always used as the basis of everything.

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