Decorate your lobby with a wooden bench

Wooden bench in the hall

In the hall We welcome the guests, wait for the laggards of the family, hang our coats and"throw"our bag when we get home. It is a stay in which we spend little time, but that says much more of us than we think.

How do we decorate it? If we were told to Furniture list "Essential", that are especially practical in this stay, we would not forget to include a bank. Whether this is a wood bench Simple, rustic or rich in details; Will be very useful.

A wooden bench in an entrance hall results in Useful for three reasons : It allows us to change footwear if the need to make balances, gives us extra storage space and makes us more bearable the wait because there is always someone waiting!

Wooden bench in the hall 1

We can put things on the bench, but also underneath. Above, we can leave the bag, underneath, shoes or other Ordered accessories In large baskets. We can also take advantage of the space above to place a mirror, some paintings or a coat rack on the wall to hang the coats.

Having a wooden bench as a center, we can achieve a simple and practical set at the same time with few elements. The choice of the Type of bank Will depend, of course, on the style you want to give the receiver, but also on the space available in it.

Wooden bench in the hall 2

Choose a simple bench of small dimensions and low if you have little space. Search Natural woods Or more"crude"designs if you want to give your lobby a rustic feel. And bet on a solid bank and rich in details if space is not a problem.

A picture, a mirror A rug, a coat rack and / or a vase can help you complete the space and make it more welcoming. Do not hesitate to combine them in different ways and in different positions until you find the one you like most.

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