Decorate your home with an elegant grand piano

Grand piano

A grand piano is an element that is seen in few homes for several reasons. One of them is that its price is usually high, but we also have the disadvantage that it takes up a lot of space. Some people enjoy playing the piano, but in many houses these grand pianos are only decorative elements. Starting from this more decorative idea, we will see some examples of how to include them in decoration.

The grand pianos take up a lot of space , but the truth is that they bring an elegant and sophisticated air to any space. That's why we usually see them in large rooms that also have many elements of luxury, from chandeliers to sofas with brocades. In any case there are many more inspirations to add these pianos.

What is a grand piano

Grand Piano 1

He grand piano is a string instrument in which the strings are placed horizontally, with a lid that can be lifted. There are other pianos, such as the wall, which occupies less along, but has a more classic and less sophisticated. Depending on where we are going to put the piano, it will be better one wall or one tail. In this case we will see how the tail is used to decorate the spaces, providing a very elegant and special touch.

Living room with grand piano

Grand Piano 2

The most usual place for place the grand piano is in the living room . This type of horizontal piano occupies a lot of space, so you will also need large rooms where they are not too bulky. Normally they are placed in corners and areas that are not passing, so they do not interfere with the passage. Place them next to large windows is a great idea, because it can be used with natural light, in case we also know how to play the piano.

Modern grand piano

Modern piano

The usual is find grand pianos that are made of wood , whether they are white, black or varnished. But you can also find very modern models, like this one, made in transparent material. Undoubtedly it is a very peculiar and especially modern piece, for creative and special spaces.

Piano in the hall

Piano at the entrance

The pianos can be placed in large spaces , that is something essential, because if we do not have space they will look very bulky and we will not have square meters for furniture that is necessary. In this hall for example there is a large space, so the piano is very good next to the classic wooden staircase, as a decorative element in the house.

Piano in classical environment

Piano in the living room

He Classic style is very common in the spaces in which these grand pianos are included. The pianos can have a very classic wood tone and can be mixed in more modern environments. In this case the living room is contemporary, with some classic pieces, such as trunks as a table. As the mixtures are carried, the whole is original and beautiful. In addition, basic tones are used so that the room does not look too saturated.

Piano in Scandinavian lounge

Piano in room 3

The Scandinavian spaces often use basic furniture and sober tones. In this room we see this great style in a great room, leaving a lot of space for the piano. Tones like black, gray and white are the basic ones, that's why we still look like a serene and very basic place, typical of the Scandinavian style.

Piano in modern lounge

Scandinavian living room

Although these pianos are usually placed in classic environments, they are also common in modern alons of chic and luxurious touches , like this. Elegant fabrics, golden and glass tables, a large white fireplace and the great black piano on one side of the room. Of course it creates a very elegant atmosphere.

White piano

White piano

These pianos are usually black, but we can also see them in other colors, such as white. This grand piano is perfect for Nordic environments in total white , and for places that are not very wide, because the white color always brings a lot of light. The white piano is also very elegant and perfect for wooden floors and modern spaces.

Piano in vintage living room

Grand piano

Pianos in wood are usually left for more vintage environments . These pianos can also have an old look, which gives them more personality. In these rooms we have several ideas, from white and sober spaces without details that leave the protagonism at the piano to spaces with very nice vintage details, such as rugs and chandeliers. With a piano you can perform a large number of styles.

Piano in retro lounge

Retro living room

In a retro lounge is also possible to enjoy a nice piano . This in particular calls our attention because it has many dark tones, patterns and materials such as velvet, but it still looks like a sophisticated place, although it is certainly more saturated in tones than other spaces.