Decorate your home in the eclectic fashion style

Decorate your home in the eclectic fashion style

We have to decorate our home and we do not know what style to choose. We like some vintage furniture, that modern lamp, a colorful carpet and a minimalist painting. Well, we already have the solution, and you want to decorate your home with eclectic fashion style . This style is characterized by mixing, combining opposing ideas and styles to create something new and amazing.

The eclectic style is suitable for those people who they dare with everything and they do not have a mold. However we must know the keys of this style, like any other, so as not to fall into chaos when it comes to decorating. So take note of all these possibilities to enjoy a home decorated with the eclectic style.


  • 1 What is the eclectic style?
  • 2 Dare to combine colors
  • 3 Combines different furniture
  • 4 Use a key piece
  • 5 Textiles and textures, other
  • 6 Look for comfort
  • 7 Freedom with order

What is the eclectic style?

Eclectic style

The eclectic style is one of the most original ones that exist, precisely because with him we never know what we are going to find. Imagine someone who likes totally different things and wants to mix them in the same place. For this goes the eclectic style. The mix of different styles , textures, patterns and trends to give rise to something totally new. There is style that has nothing to do, and precisely mixing them is when we get the most amazing things, so the eclectic style is amazing and at the same time difficult to achieve. Because it is easier to follow the keys of an already defined style than to create our own, making them combine things that are different and different.

Dare to combine colors

Eclectic lounge

If we must dare something to throw ourselves into the eclectic style is to make mixtures. Dare to to combine different colors without any fear. From red and pink, which seemed to be an impossible, to pastel shades with neon colors. All can be combined in this style, and it is also a decorative trend in which there is no space for minimalism. In general we look for environments in which there are mixtures of colors and several opposing prints that combine easily. If you do not want to exceed yourself follow a rule in which the ratio of the three main tones is 60/30/10. That is, the most used would occupy 60% of the space, another secondary would have 30% and a tertiary only 10% in small touches. This is how you achieve the balance when using colors.

Combines different furniture

Furniture mix

At furniture style there is also the secret of eclectic style. We can mix a modern minimalist sofa with vintage style chairs and a rococo mirror to create an incredible living room. Or put different chairs in the dining room, each of a style, and even mixing furniture made from different materials, from wood to glass and PVC. Buy an Ikea furniture and restore an old one, if you put them in the same room you will be creating a very original and eclectic combination.

Use a key piece

Eclectic lounge

In the eclectic style we can easily fall into excess. That is why although we mix trends and styles the best is that there is something that is the protagonist . It can be a modern picture full of colorful. A vintage couch in vibrant colors or a carpet of amazing prints. These can be the protagonist pieces around which to add other things to create that style full of mixes and fun. It is easier to mix if we start from a single flashy object that takes the protagonism, to know well if the other details that we add are combining with the main piece.

Textiles and textures, other

Not only can we create unusual blends with furniture, but also textiles and textures. Add textiles with various prints , some of hair and other cotton, wicker pieces on wooden floors and countless mixtures that make us see no uniformity, but a surprising whole. In the eclectic style, the homogeneous is not sought, but quite the contrary. Dare to mix a pattern of polka dots with a flower, because in the eclectic style nothing is written.

Look for comfort

Eclectic style

Although in this style we mix and dare with everything, we must avoid excesses . It is better to add pieces little by little, and always look for comfort, that is, not add things that do not contribute something, or we will simply find ourselves accumulating objects without meaning and without personality. We must choose furniture, textiles and objects that we find interesting and special.

Freedom with order

At the time of making this style there is total freedom, because there are no essential keys as in other styles. Here we are only defined by the mixtures of styles and originality. However, chaos must be avoided. Always choose furniture that is functional , although they have several styles, and textiles that contribute something and also have their function.

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