Decorate your gotelé wall with circles


Traditionally what was in the house for the decoration of the walls was the gotelé (usually in white) and some other painting to decorate. Now this style of decoration has become outdated and few people are decorating their walls in a traditional and simple since what is sought without a doubt is to find a cozy but at the same time innovative.

The gotelé is quite limited when you want to decorate the walls and that is why it has gradually been discarded from the decorations of the walls, but if you really like the gotelé for your walls you must know that you can decorate the walls in very Original and also safe will be very modern, which will make the stay that decores with gotelé has a strong personality. Are you interested in reading further? Do not lose detail!

To decorate your walls first you will have to take into account that What you should discard Because it will not fit in any way with the gotelé. I mean above all that you will not be able to decorate with decorative, photomural or bordered vinyls because any decorative element that has to be adhered to the wall will not stay at all well because the result will be quite ugly.


To decorate your walls with gotelé you will Paint different circles Of different colors to give life to the stay that you choose. You just have to create a template of different sizes and put tape on the outline and paint on the inside to make it look great in the colors you want. If you remove the tape you see that it is uneven you use a brush to outline the edges.

If you create a composition on your wall you will still be much better. To choose The colors to paint your walls You must take into account the decoration of the rest of the room to match perfectly with the furniture, textiles and accessories.

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