Decorate with recycled wooden fruit boxes

Fruit Boxes

Today we go with another of those things that have become very sought after pieces to do DIY recycling projects. We refer to the Wooden fruit crates lifelong. These boxes that were previously thrown, but nowadays have come back to have added value, with that vintage touch and many different uses for the home.

These boxes can be Simple storage boxes , Or also become large shelves. We can leave them in their natural tone, to give a more rustic touch, or to paint them and to put them all type of decoration. From letters to colorful drawings. The good thing is that we can paint them to match the decoration.

Wooden fruit boxes as shelves

Fruit Boxes

This is one of the most widespread uses of these fruit boxes. The boxes are used lifted as if they were Square and rectangular wooden shelves . Sometimes they put them on the floor, one on top of another, to create shelves, and in others they are on the walls. In any case, they should always be fixed so that they are either moving or falling. The interior of the box and the edges can be decorated in different ways. Inside we can highlight it with vintage wallpaper or striking colors.

Fruit boxes in the living room

Fruit boxes in the living room

These wooden fruit boxes are also a good Classroom accessory . Many salons use them as storage boxes, and to give a casual touch to shelves and living room furniture. In this space they mix modern furniture in white wood with the boxes recycled in the walls, which adds a little of relaxation to those basic lines of modern furniture.

Wooden fruit boxes in the bathroom

Fruit boxes in the bathroom

If you can not think how to put a Piece of storage in the bathroom , Nothing better than these wooden boxes. They are ideal for all types of bathrooms, since we can adapt their style. We can put boxes of fruit in their natural tone, which give a more rustic and simple look to everything. For the most modern bathrooms we can paint the boxes with shades that combine with the other elements of the bathroom. In addition, we can put them on the walls, but also the possibility of having a storage box on the floor with wheels, so that we can move it wherever we want. We will have a very practical storage box for the bathroom.

Fruit Storage Boxes

Storage Fruit Boxes

In any corner of the house we may need a Storage box . These boxes can be put up, so that books are stored in them, or as normal boxes, to store things. One of these boxes can be a small auxiliary storage space ideal in any corner. In the living room area, in the home office or in the bathroom, we can keep those little things that we always want to have on hand.

Wooden Fruit Boxes for Home Office

Boxes in the office

If we are going to create a home office, we can use these boxes in the simplest way. Like storage boxes, to have all the books and documents ordered. They are a great idea, since we can put the name of the things stored in the box. In addition, they give us the idea of ​​how Make an entire office And a table stacking these boxes. It is an idea a little more elaborate and complicated, but of course we can get to have a whole office furniture with boxes and tables.

Fruit boxes for events

Fruit boxes for events Outdoor Fruit Boxes

These wooden fruit crates are also used to Decorate in special events , Whether weddings or parties in the garden. They are used to give a vintage touch to everything, and especially a lot of charm. They can be painted in pastel shades, put names and use them to put some of the sweets of a sweet table. No doubt many uses can be given to them. In general they are used as part of the decoration along with other vintage objects, whether cages, cubes or glass jars to put flowers in the field. Definitely a perfect detail for a wedding in the country.

Wooden fruit box for the garden

Fruit boxes for the garden

In the garden there is also room for Wooden fruit crates . These boxes are perfect for adding plants, as if they were large pots, and also are very natural with the wood. They can also be used as shelves to store garden utensils and other things.

Wooden fruit boxes for children's room

Fruit boxes for children's room

One last use that we love of these boxes of wood is the one that is made in the Children's rooms . These boxes are used to easily sort your things. They are a great idea, because by putting the names the children will know where to store each thing, so that they are more self-sufficient. The best idea is to add a rope and wheels to take your storage box to anywhere.

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