Decorate with chalk paint or chalk paint

Chalk painting

If we talk to you about The painting to the chalk It may not sound too much to you, but if we tell you that we are going to tell you things about the chalk paint you surely know what we are talking about. This painting has become quite popular for several reasons and benefits, but mainly for that silky and matte finish that contributes to the surfaces.

This kind of painting is often used to Decorations in vintage and romantic styles , And has a fairly wide range of colors. We will explain what is chalk paint and its uses, so that you can include it in your next DIY project.

What is chalk painting?

Chalk painting 1

This is one Natural acrylic-free paint Which comes from the chalk. The chalk in this case would be the main ingredient of this painting and the one that sets it apart from other paintings made with chemicals. Because of this large amount of chalk is ideal for furniture, being used mostly on these wooden surfaces. The chalk lets the furniture perspire and retains its authenticity, softness and texture and porosity. Although basic chalk painting is best for furniture, there are other versions that have the same finish and can be used on walls, in wet areas and even on the outside. To these paintings they are added UV filters or resistance to humidity.

On which surfaces can be used

Chalk paint

In the vast majority of cases chalk paint is suitable for Wooden furniture . Being made with chalk is ideal for wood, as it lets it perspire and maintains the texture of the wood, and being natural we do not need to do any previous treatment.

However, many people are Use this paint on the walls , In areas such as the bathroom, where there is moisture, or outside. For this type of paint filters or other ingredients are applied in addition to chalk, so that the paint acquires other properties such as water resistance or resistance to UV filters on the outside.

Benefits of painting to chalk

This painting has the great benefit of Contains no chemicals or toxic components Like the vast majority of paintings, making it ideal for children's spaces or for those who are eco-friendly. It can be applied to all types of surfaces and it spreads quite a lot. Being natural and composed of chalk can be applied in poorly ventilated areas without any problem. In addition, it is a type of paint with a very nice matt and silky finish, which is very fond of vintage decorations. Another advantage to be noted is that the furniture does not require any pre-treatment of the wood, such as priming or sanding surfaces. It can be used as is on wood.

How to use paint to chalk

Chalk painting

There is nothing special to do when using paint to the Chalk on furniture . In general the surface must be clean and free of dust. It is applied on the wood without using any primer. You do not even have to sand the surface. Usually two layers of paint are usually used to make the finish look better. Something good about this painting is that if imperfections appear you can apply a little paint without fear of that patch effect.

Protect with waxes

When the paint on the chalk has dried completely and we have achieved the tone we want, what you have to do is seal and Protect the furniture with waxes . This will protect the paint so that it can withstand the daily use. These waxes are beeswax and are usually brushed. They are transparent not to change the tone of chalk paint, but to give it a more vintage look they are sometimes used with brown finishes.

Styles suitable for chalk paint

Painting with chalk 2

This type of painting with matt finish is usually Use in vintage style . Also the chic shabby usually has this color paint on its furniture, and even the Nordic style with pastel shades. Colors and pastel shades and matte finishes are ideal for decorating furniture in these styles.

Colors in paint to chalk

In this painting with chalk we can find a Great range of colorful Available in stores. They usually use whites, raw and basic tones, as well as grays and soft pastel tones. Anyway, if we do not find the exact tone that we like to paint the furniture we have another possibility. We can change the color of the original chalk paint by mixing it with the acrylic paint tubes, to get new shades.

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