Decorate the home with wooden letters

Decorative wooden letters

The decorative wooden letters they are an element that we see more and more. These letters have the great advantage of helping us to customize the spaces to our liking, with lyrics that can mean something to us. We also find a great variety in sizes, colors and models so that each letter fits perfectly with the style of the room in which we put it.

But, Where can we put these wooden letters? Surely you've thought about buying them once and then you thought you do not know where to put them. Well, we have a few inspirations, because these letters give a lot of play and can be put in many places of our home.

Wooden letters for children's rooms

Children's rooms

The Children's rooms almost always have this type of personalized decorations , because we like to highlight special details for the child. As we have chosen the name, we can add wooden letters with it, so you always know what your room is. These letters also help us to put nice words that decorate your room, like that decorative word 'love'. The simplest will seek to use only one letter. If we only use its initial, this letter should be larger than if we put a word, to highlight. In addition, many times you buy a letter in a bright color to highlight it.

Letters in the lounge

Wooden letters for the living room

These wooden letters are also used on many occasions in the lounge area. For the living room almost always look for words that bring warmth , more than someone's name, because it is a common space for the family. Words like 'Home', 'home', 'love' or 'peace' are some of those that are usually used to add that touch of warmth in the room. As for the place where we can put them, there is a variety of ideas. On top of a large piece of furniture, like a dresser, it can be a good place. You can also put it on the TV cabinet if we have space, because that way we'll see the lyrics well. On the other hand, some people put these letters on hung walls, so they do not occupy space and are well visible.

Letter composition

Compositions of letters

This is an idea that seems very original and that is perfect for children's spaces for several reasons. One of them is that it is very decorative, especially if we use letters of different colors and designs . But it is also very educational that children have the alphabet in sight so they can learn it quickly and repeat it. You can make games with them and the letters, inventing words or recognizing the letters one by one. This idea is usually common for this reason in the spaces of children. Both in their rooms and in their game rooms.

Letters in weddings

Wedding decoration

The Fashion of wooden letters has also come to weddings , and is that the wedding decoration should be personalized for the couple. That is why it is so important to add your initials. In this case we see a decoration in a country-inspired wedding. This could perfectly be a photocall in which the guests take out the wedding photo as a souvenir.

Letters for weddings

These letters for weddings They can also be added to the tables, so that all the guests remember the initials of the couple and how special the wedding is. In this case the letters should be smaller and in keeping with the decoration on the table. Another simple idea to have a totally personalized wedding.

Letters with message

Wood letters

The letters with message we like a lot and we can also find them in many formats. Lyrics are usually sold alone, so we can make compositions and words by putting together different letters. Some are already sold in made compositions, but it is the least usual. We can see in this case that there are different ways to decorate the letters, from which they are painted in colors to those with prints. We also have wooden letters with Led lights that give it a festive look. The case is to find the type of letters that we like or modify them with colors, decoupage or prints.

Letters for the office

Decorative letters

We find letters also in the home offices . These letters can be words that are motivating or will simply be letters with the initial of our name. In this case it is a single letter with floral print that stands out in the frame with black background. A small detail that personalizes the stay.

Scrabble letters

Original wooden letters

The letters scrabble type are becoming fashionable, and is that they are really original. HE inspire in the game of forming words , with the wooden chips that are used but in a much larger size, to decorate the walls. The result is very funny and creative.