Decorate the home with original sea shells

Decorative shells

The Sea shells are a very nice element , which reminds us without doubt of the marine theme. With them we can bring a piece of beach to our home, so there are many people who decorate the home with sea shells. There are many ways to integrate them into the decoration, from a painting to some candles. And we will see some of them.

If you like him marine-inspired decoration , with turquoise and blue tones, bright environments and beach touches, do not hesitate to collect shells on the beach to make some of these decorations. Sea shells can be a very beautiful and decorative element.

Sea shells in the bathroom

Bath with shells

The marine-inspired decoration in the bathroom is a great idea, because it brings a very fresh touch to everything. The blue tones are used a lot in the bathroom, but if we also want that extra inspiration we can add shells in different ways. In a bathroom we found some beautiful pictures with shells, which we can all easily do. In the other, they have simply added shells to the walls in an informal way to give it the touch, as if we were at the bottom of the sea.

Candles with sea shells

Candles with shells

If yours are the candles, then maybe you you like these ideas with candles . Candles can be placed in centers that have shells, which provides a relaxing atmosphere. You have from candles directly in shells to floating candles or in a fish tank filled with sand and shells, putting the candle in the center.

Shells mirrors

Shells mirrors

The shells mirrors They can be a nice decorative detail in the entrance area, in the bathroom or in the living room. If you like this theme you can buy a mirror with shells or paste them from a mirror with a wooden frame. The effect is always surprising and special. With a mirror like this the rest of the decoration should be rather simple. Although we see a space with a table full of shells, the whole is too excessive, so it is better that the other elements are not shells.

Tables with shells

Table decoration

If you go to organize a party in which the theme is the sea , then you will need shells to decorate the table. From centers that carry shells to candles surrounded by shells. You can use large shells to hold napkins or to set the number of tables. This type of theme and the shells can give a lot of play. As for the colors, all should be inspired by the sea, with blue, turquoise or coral. The tableware in crystal, bluish or pearly tones.

Pictures with shells

Pictures with shells

In this inspiration we also find beautiful pictures made with shells . In many cases they are bought, in others they are made directly by collecting shells on the beach and adding them to the tables. You have from 3D pictures with shells and background photos to one in which shells have been stuck forming a letter or beautiful pictures with a Nordic touch and very soft tones in which there is coral to seashells and starfish.

Shells in the bedroom

Sailor bedrooms

In the bedroom you can create a very beautiful theme inspired by the sea . In these we can see from cushions with mermaids to wicker baskets and pretty pictures with shells and starfish. The always blue and white tones, to combine with this type of spaces.

Shell tapestries

Shell tapestries

Nowadays, the tapestries to decorate the walls , so we can see its version made with shells. With a string, a branch to tie them and various shells are these fun decorative objects for the walls of the home. They are simple and beautiful, with a beautiful boho and marinera aesthetic. It is the perfect detail to decorate the entrance of the home or a lounge area.

Other decorative details

Details of shells

Within the decoration with shells we can find many other details. For example, there are large shells that are simply placed as a decorative detail on the furniture, along with vases of flowers and paintings. On the other hand, we have some different ideas that can give us inspiration to use those shells that we catch on the beach. You can make a fun garland with shells. These can be painted in colors or left in their natural white tone. Use a rustic-looking string to give it that marine look and you will have a very nice decorative detail. On the other hand, some have devised a fun Christmas tree of sea, with shells hanging with white strings and the structure made of wood. These shells can be accompanied by many other elements such as glass boats, vintage mirrors, antique furniture, trunks and everything that we find appropriate to extend that marine aesthetic in our home.