Decorate the home with large mirrors

Decorate with large mirrors

The Large mirrors are a big advantage at the time of giving light to spaces, but it is also decorative elements that tend to like. Choosing large mirrors to put in certain corners or rooms of the home can be a creative and special idea, perfect for any style.

Choose the perfect mirror and putting it in a good place is also important, because not all are equally decorative or combine with spaces. So we'll see a little inspiration to be clear on how to add a large mirror in a room without being excessive or out of place.

Large mirrors, advantages

Everyone likes to have mirrors at home, especially because that way we can get ready and have a good image. You can never miss a full-length mirror to be able to see yourself before leaving home. But these mirrors have some more functions, especially with regard to everything they contribute to our decoration. Add large mirrors at home It can be a great idea, because they reflect the light and help make everything seem much brighter and above all more spacious, multiplying the spaces with the reflection. In addition, there are always spaces where they are really necessary, such as the dressing room or in the entrance area. In the other spaces, the mirror is more a matter of decoration than functionality, so it is given a little more importance to the style and details you have.

Large mirrors in the hall

Large mirrors in the hall

The hall of our home is one of the best places to put the big mirrors , because that way we can see each other before we leave or when we arrive. In addition, the hall is usually a narrow corridor and usually in low light, so if we add this mirror it will look wider. If we can, it is better to put the mirror directed towards where the light enters so that it reflects better. As for the mirrors, we can choose between many styles, whether we hang it on the wall or support it on the ground. We must also think that if we want to add a small auxiliary piece of furniture, the mirror should not be too big.

Large mirrors for the bedroom

Bedrooms with large mirrors

In the bedroom we can also include one of these mirrors. They usually put leaning against the wall , to give it a casual and bohemian touch. There are more modern mirrors, simple shapes, but also mirrors with rustic wooden frames and those that are vintage, with a decorated frame. The simple forms combine well with the modern, Nordic or classic style, and we can add mirrors for the vintage rooms or metal mirrors for the industrial style.

Mirrors in the dressing room

Dressing room with large mirror

If there is an area at home that can not be left without that large mirror is the dressing room. If we do not have it, the place to put it will be the bedroom, but with a dressing room of its own, the mirror should be there. In these dressing rooms the mirror is more functional What decorative, since what we are looking for is to have a piece to see our looks when dressing. That is why they usually look for fairly simple and narrow pieces so that they do not occupy too much space on the wall, since the dressing room is usually not very wide. A great trick for this space is to add two mirrors, one on a wall and one opposite, to be able to look good from all possible angles. To give a more beautiful and cozy touch to a place so functional we can also include a garland of lights in the frame or some small decorative detail for the mirror.

Mirrors for the bathroom

Mirrors for the bathroom

These bathrooms have a nice and elegant vintage style, with large free baths, but the truth is that we can add a good mirror in any bathroom. In these spaces have very beautiful vintage mirrors and with many details in the frame, which are also very decorative, being one of the main pieces in the room, along with bathtubs or chandeliers. But if your bathroom is simpler, you can also add one with a more basic frame, according to the space. In this room we only have the inconvenience that the mirror can fog easily and being close to the bathtub or the water will need more cleaning than usual.

Large mirrors in the kitchen

Large mirrors in the kitchen

In the kitchens is not unusual to find mirrors , because they are places of work in which we do not usually use mirrors. However, in these kitchens they have dared to add them. On the wall, in the same tone as the painting, or in front of the stove. This last idea does not seem so functional, since the mirror would be constantly stained, but certainly we must grant it the breadth it offers to these kitchens.