Decorate the home with cozy rustic fireplaces

Rustic fireplace

We have talked about different Types of fireplaces , The advantages that have both, and also some style of fireplace that we could choose for our living room. Now let's talk about the most used fireplaces and have been without doubt the first. These are the rustic chimneys, those that have been the first ones, since they are the most traditional ones and those that were installed in the country houses.

These rustic fireplaces have the peculiarity that they usually To become covered with stone , Since the originals used to be in stone. Today there are many types of stone to give that rustic touch to our fireplace in case our living room or our house also have this style.

Why Choose Rustic Fireplaces

Fireplace in stone

If there is a style that Be warm and traditional That's the rustic style. There are several things that define the rustic style, with its typical materials, such as wood and stone, and its darker shades. This style is perfect for those spaces where the rustic is the best choice. A rustic fireplace is the best companion for leather sofas, wooden furniture and a home in warm tones. Undoubtedly choosing these types of fireplaces gives the home that taste of country home rustic cottage. The stone gives a lot of presence and personality, although of course it is better to have a room that is large to put these large fireplaces in rustic style.

Rustic fireplaces outside

Fireplace on the outside

It is also an option to add a Rustic fireplace with a lot of charm On an outdoor terrace. It gives the whole touch a lot warmer, perfect for when it is not hot and need that touch of heat on the terrace. In this case it is a modern house with rustic touches on the wooden furniture and the stone cladding on the walls. With this mixture, the rustic fireplace is perfectly blended into the environment. This chimney is made of bricks, but with stone on the outside, with large blocks of stone that give it an old and certainly very rustic look.

Rustic fireplaces in the living room

Rustic fireplace

In the Lounge area Is where we will see located the vast majority of chimneys. A rustic fireplace is perfect also for a modern living room to which we want to give a touch of warmth and vintage. This particular is quite simple, since the decoration is a mixture of the new and the traditional. Have mixed stone with smooth walls and wood for a nice and elegant fireplace with that rustic touch just. The important thing is to choose the model of rustic fireplace that best suits the environment, the tones of the living room, the elements and the mixture of styles.

Rustic gas or fireplaces

Rustic fireplaces

In the case of chimneys, we can choose between different models or types. In the rustic chimneys, being the most traditional, it is Choose firewood , Which are the first to be used. But the truth is that the heat in this case is not used so well, and we have options in the gas fireplaces that are just as rustic and to take better advantage of the heat are cheaper, and also stain much less. In this way, wood logs can be left only as props. In fact, in many of the images we see, the fireplaces are made of gas, but the wood logs also contribute their grain of sand to that rustic style, and that is why they are left to be seen as simple decoration.

Traditional rustic fireplaces

Stylish fireplace

Do not give up Chic style To enjoy a rustic fireplace, because today we have many models to choose from and many ways to mix the styles. These chimneys can have an elegant style equally, leaving aside the most natural and rude style. This for example chooses the stone as main element, but a stone worked and even carved. In this room there are modern elements that mix with the rustic, like that lamp in metal so current. It is a different choice of this type of fireplaces, not so popular, but an option that can give a touch of style to the living room.

Original rustic fireplaces

Original fireplace

There can be no shortage of proposals that are Totally original . In this case they have used stone as is customary in many of the rustic chimneys, but these stones seem to have been put one by one, without union, and making the shape of a central arch. It is certainly a fireplace that will draw attention in any home, which seems handmade, and that is certainly different. A creative way to reinterpret the most traditional chimneys ever.

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