Decorate the children's bedroom with star wallpaper

Star wallpaper

Decorate the a child's bedroom It can become an exercise in creativity. There are no limits when it comes to creating an environment in which the youngest find it easy to"dream". An environment conducive to both rest and play as they grow, we will customize by incorporating different elements of the child's own tastes.

While they are small elements like the stars, they will decorate your bedroom correctly. We can incorporate stars through garlands, printed textiles or painted paper , among other elements. The latter will allow us to create a blanket of stars on the walls and / or ceiling of the bedroom and will do so in different ways.

It is not difficult to find wallpapers with star motifs in the market. You will find them with different motifs, colors and finishes so that you can easily adapt them to the desired bedroom. Choosing one or the other depends on the style you are looking for.

The size of the stars

The size of the stars will be one of the factors that will probably help you choose between one wallpaper and another. If you are looking for a more discreet result, but at the same time more romantic, small stars are a great choice. Most of the papers that fit this feature will also prove that they combine stars of different sizes, resembling even more a mantle of stars real.

Star wallpapers

When you want to give prominence to a wall, instead, the papers with big stars they will become your best ally. Use both of them to give strength to the main wall and paint the rest in smooth shades contained in the paper. Using a large star wallpaper on all the walls could recharge the bedroom a lot and saturate it.

The colors of the wallpaper

We have seen how the size of the stars has a great influence on the final result, but it is not the only factor with influences. The color of the wallpaper will transform the bedroom in one or another direction. The most versatile are, without doubt, the neutral colors: white, gray and beige. But there are many options more daring and fun like those with multicolored or bright stars, with a metallic finish.

Neutral star papers

Neutral colors are timeless, they do not understand fashion , hence they constitute an excellent decorative choice. It is also very easy to use them, since they combine with everything. A priori, a wallpaper in white, gray and / or beige tones will promote a serene and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for the rest of the little ones.

Star wallpaper

To transform it, if you wish, you will only have to incorporate accessories and colored textiles. What color? From anyone. What color does not match well with white or beige? If you do not want to be limited later on in the choice of furniture and accessories, a neutral wallpaper is always a winning bet.

Colored star papers

The roles of stars of more traditional colors are those with stars in colors roses or blue on a white background, associated with rooms for girls and boys respectively. This has been the case for a long time, although today they are used interchangeably in each other. There are, however, more fun options than these.

Star wallpaper 1

We talked about the wallpapers with multicolored stars , a proposal that grows very well with the child. If we bet on it we will have to respect the color of the stars and decorate with accessories in these colors the bedroom if we want a cheerful space if, but also consistent. Another option that grows very well is the wallpaper of stars with a colored background and white stars, ideal for decorating more"adult"spaces.

Papers with bright stars

And if as in the sky, do we make the stars shine in the bedroom? The wallpapers with silver or gold stars They have gained a great prominence recently. We can find them with white backgrounds, although those with dark backgrounds are the most popular.

Wallpaper of bright stars

The papers with dark backgrounds , generally blue, can darken the room a lot. It is recommended to place them only on the main wall, that is the one that is going to put the crib or bed, and wallpaper or paint the rest of walls with brighter colors.

Bedrooms, studios and game rooms

Star wallpaper is mainly used to decorate children's bedrooms. This does not mean, however, that we can not use you in other rooms with equal or greater success. In a family room , star wallpaper can help us, for example to limit the children's area.

Star wallpaper

We can also wall the main wall of a game room or study of the little ones. What part of the room do you want to have a greater role? Think about it and place the star wallpaper on the corresponding wall. All will direct their gaze to the wall when entering, we can assure you.

Star wallpaper is a safe value in a children's room. Who does not dream of a starry night? Dreaming the little ones is within reach of our hands: it is enough to paper the main wall for it. Do you like star wallpapers?