Decorate the bedroom with small night tables


The bedside tables are an auxiliary element ideal for the bedroom, as they allow us to have some things at hand near the headboard of the bed. It is possible to have only one, but in general there are usually two, on each side of the bed, especially if it is a double bedroom. As for the style, there are a large number of ideas available to use, with all kinds of tables for the stay.

In this case we are going to see how Decorate bedrooms with small night tables . Pieces small in size but large in design and utility, since they perfectly fulfill their auxiliary function and do not take up much. The design will depend on the style we have in the bedroom.

Classic bedside tables

Classic style coffee tables

We start with those small bedside tables that serve almost every room, because they have a Classic and timeless style It does not usually go out of style. Tables with straight lines, more contemporary or with vintage airs. If you have dark wood tables, renew it with a touch of total white. These tables are very functional and basic, with its upper area, where you can put a reading lamp, and some small drawers and storage areas for books.

Modern style tables


At the other end we find ourselves with the most modern tables , with designs that can be amazing. These tables can be round, rectangular or square, with materials such as mirrors and metal. In the area of ​​the most modern tables there are a large number of ideas, these are just two of them, but they will always have to have a surprising and striking design, although it is not the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom.

Children's bedside tables

Children's bedside tables

In the children's section we can also find bedside tables suitable for children . These are usually smaller, suitable for their size, and with beautiful designs and colors. Nordic style tables and simple shapes triumph in children's environments, but we also find very original ideas, such as that wicker coffee table painted in pink and with a fun lamp to accentuate the child's touch.

Colorful bedside tables

Colored tables

If your nightstand is already dull, outdated or boring, you do not have to change it. That you give him a facelift is more than enough. In this case we see some tables that have a classic and vintage design, which in dark wood tones would be very sober, but to which they have been given that crazy and fun touch with very intense colors , for a different bedroom. If you do not like so vivid colors, you can opt for pastel colors, which are also trends today and bring serenity to spaces.

Nordic style tables

Small bedside tables

Among the ideas of the ideal furniture for the home is always Nordic style. We love it for its simplicity, its Basic shapes and natural elegance They have all their pieces. These small tables can be used as auxiliary furniture in any part of the house. With a basic design they adapt to any place.

Vintage style tables


Vintage and elegance often go hand in hand, and here we have some tables that are ideal for more chic and sophisticated rooms . Always neutral tones and soft shapes for a few tables that are chosen to match the rest of the bedroom furniture. We especially like the table with round shapes, because they do not always look that way and it is more original.

Night tables with stools

Stools as nightstands

For those who love best low cost ideas, are these stools , which serve as small bedside tables for any time. In the style more boho and carefree are ideal, but they also serve us when we have not yet chosen the right tables for our house and we want something that looks beautiful but does not cost us. With a good stool we have already saved the moment. There are wooden ones but we especially like stools with industrial reminiscences, in metal and with a vintage look, which give a special charm to the room.

Minimalist tables

Nordic bedside tables

Within the minimalist style the simplest furniture can be framed , of mimic forms, as the word says. The first table could also be included in a Nordic-style space, but Scandinavian forms can sometimes be minimalist in their simplicity. A table with simple shapes, in light wood, without paint and without additives that is ideal for any home. On the other hand, we have a very functional table that is bolted to the wall, with a very modern style. Painted white, almost goes unnoticed on the walls and serves to put some things on, with a special hollow for books that gives a more modern style to the forms. There is nothing simpler or minimal than this.