Decorate the bedroom with a pallet headboard

Pallet headboard

Photo: ilovepalets

The pallets have become fashionable in recent times from the moment someone decided to make sofas and tables with this material. The pallets have various sizes, although the most common is the European pallet. They are made of wood and give us a large number of possibilities when it comes to decorating the spaces.

From tables to chairs, through shelves or planters, the pallets serve as many things as we can imagine. In this case we are going to see how decorate a pallet headboard and the ideas to carry it out. There are many ways to use this pallet to make a beautiful headboard that frames the bed with a totally informal touch.

Working with pallets

The pallets are made of wood and usually are not very treated, so we will have to give some care. You have to use them in their original form, without modifying them, to make tables or headboards. However, the little hands can undo them on planks to create a wooden headboard in a fairly rustic style. This wood will need to be sanded, but also a primer if we want to paint it or apply varnish . In the large DIY areas we can advise on the best materials to treat wood and thus do a great job with our headboard. We have to say that the crafts with pallets are for those who already have a little practice when doing DIY and using tools, because they usually need a lot of treatment.

Pallets in their original form

Headboard with wooden pallets

Photo: wood-decoration

Those who do not want to get too complicated at the time of create your headboard with pallets , they can use the original shape of the pallet, without undoing it on planks. This pallet rests against the wall and is usually screwed so that it does not move or make noise, which is much more comfortable. As we say, in many cases the wood comes untreated and will have to be sanded and varnished, because it is important that there are no splinters in the wood with which we can harm ourselves, which is common in pallets. These are the only things we must do with the pallet. If we want to give a different touch we can always buy some decorative accessories or use paint.

Headboards with painted pallets

Painted headboard

Photo: Pinterest

Pallets as headboards can be used in many ways. Those that are used with bare wood are ideal for a bedroom in rustic or industrial style, which are more basic. If we varnish the wood in a clear tone it can also be used for a Nordic bedroom, since these often use natural materials and have a touch of wood to provide warmth. However, There are many pallets that are painted with paint special for wood.

In this case we find a pallet that has been painted black , something risky because it reduces luminosity. They have been able to give the modern touch with the white letters forming the word 'love'. This is another way to decorate the headboard so that it is totally original. That word is made with a template, which we can both buy and make ourselves by choosing letters in banks from online sources. Only then will we make sure we have a special headboard that nobody else has.

Pallet headboard

Photo: Spambob

The headboards with wooden pallets have the great quality that they can be painted and the painting offers us a whole world of possibilities. From different shades to combine with the rest of the decoration to various finishes in the paint ranging from satin and gloss to matt. In this headboard we find a wood with worn white paint to give it a vintage touch and small geometric symbols in white and blue tones. It suggests a Nordic style atmosphere where the decorative details are minimal but very well chosen. As we can see, the rest of the room elements have similar tones to combine. Can you think of any other way to paint a headboard?

Headboards with lamps

Pallet headboard with lamps

Photo: decopale

This idea is not the most usual, but you have to go a little further on in the DIY that he performs . These pallets have the original shape and touch of wood, without changing too much. But what does change are the reading lamps that have been placed on both sides. In addition to providing an industrial touch with these large bulbs, they have a flexible arm to use them according to the needs. It is also a totally versatile and very functional element.

Headboards with garlands

Illuminated pallet headboard

Photo: aniinthesky

One of the simplest ways to decorate the pallet so that it has a the most cozy touch is with the garlands . These garlands can be lights, to give a light touch, or have different decorations. There are with dolls, it is possible to make them with fabrics or even with paper. In addition, they can be purchased or made at home, so that everything is DIY.