Decorate a lobby with style and lots of color

How to organize the entrance

Lobbies are a fundamental part of anyone's home, because it can be the accent place of your home. The lobby is not just the transition to you. house, is another place in your home that should be decorated with great care. With a little planning you can show your guests how the rest of your home will be in terms of decoration just by looking at how spoiled you are.

Even if your house does not have a lobby itself, you can create a space near your door that is functional and very beautiful.

Have an elegant and functional lobby

If you want to have a functional lobby you must take into account the following aspects:

  • The entrance has to be attractive
  • Put a bench to take off and put on your shoes
  • A surface like a chest of drawers to make it functional and a storage place
  • Hooks on the wall to put jackets or bags
  • That there is a lack of good lighting
  • Keep in mind the colors for your lobby

Organize the entrance with a piece of furniture

You will have to review your personal needs in your home before you start decorating the entrance or lobby of your home. To do this, make a list of what you want to achieve and what functions you need every time you enter or leave your home, such as a mirror. If for example you usually have coats or bags anywhere, maybe choosing a hook on the walls is also a good option. You should take into account the color and decoration because you can add a lot of personality to this place in your home.

A palette of colors

The good news about your lobby's color palette is that it does not have to be exactly the same in colors as your living room. Guests expect the lobby to be a bit more exaggerated in terms of color and design. Your color palette should include a color or two of your living room to unify the decoration, but it is good to include additional colors that you like a lot. If you stick to the colors of the room, choose a lighter or darker shade (or two) for a more personalized look.

Console at the entrance

An accent color on the wall

It is possible that the design of your lobby is not adequate for a new paint color in its entirety. In that case, consider the option of creating an accent wall to refresh the decoration. Your accent wall will work best as a focal point when you enter the lobby. It is also the perfect place to place a mirror or a work of art, as well as a small table for accessories and put the letters that you take from your mailbox. Even your roof can become an accent wall to achieve a much more personalized appearance.

Wall paper with color

Your lobby may not have an obvious focal point, but the correct wallpaper can create one. The halls are usually small, so wallpapering an accent wall may be enough to decorate without overwhelming the space. Today's wallpapers are available in every style you can imagine. Temporary wallpapers make it easy to experiment with the idea of ​​the wallpaper without a long-term commitment, especially in a rented house.

white door at home

A colorful carpet

Most people forget to add a carpet to their lobby, or put a doormat in the store without thinking much. The carpet in the lobby should be functional, so that it does not fill with dirt, but it must also be pretty. An interior and / or exterior carpet could be the right solution to combine style and function in an active home.

Do not forget the lighting

The lighting can not be lacking in the decoration of a hall, it is the only way that you can enjoy even more the colors you add. The lobby is the perfect space for a special lamp. If you have height in the ceiling, then a chandelier is perfect. A chandelier does not have to be extravagant; However, it must be more spectacular than the other lighting while remaining faithful to the decoration of your home.

Not all the hallways and entrances have high ceilings. A recessed or semi-recessed lamp can be as elegant as a chandelier with lights. Wall sconces are also good options for rooms with low ceilings or to add more light to a dark space.

With these tips you will get an enviable lobby, no matter how big or small, lighter or darker or with the highest or lowest ceiling. Starting from time, every time. Enter your home you will love to enjoy your entanglement or lobby.