Dark walls, a success in decoration

Decorate with dark walls a bedroom

You may have always heard that you should not Paint the walls with dark tones . It is true that if the space is small and low light, it will not help us create a sense of spaciousness, but if we have good light, we can risk this decorative trend, because there are spaces that are really beautiful.

Now, you have to be very clear that there is Choose well textiles , Furniture and details so that space and decoration is not completely eclipsed by a dark tone. We recognize that they are difficult tones, and they do not convince everyone, but seeing rooms like this may change your mind.

Decorate with dark walls

In this room in Dark tones Have not used furniture or details too clear. The details that contrast are few and very few, like that lamp in white tones. They have also chosen medium-tone fabrics to soften the effect of the dark tone, so that everything fuses in an environment with a certain bohemian touch of decadence.

Decorate with walls and contrasts

As we have said, they have looked for some Create punctual contrasts in the room. A golden trumpet that looks great with that dark blue tone. Also the laminae and the tone of the bare wood offer the ideal contrast to enjoy an unconventional room. It is important to choose few tones, and possibly be rather neutral. Black, white and metal tones.

Decorate with dark walls

If there is anything that seems original to us in this room is that they have not looked for excessive contrasts, leaving great Prominence to the walls . Textiles do not use a nuclear target but rather raw and even darker shades. In addition, the contrasts come from very natural colors, like the wood of the staircase that serves at the same time as a hanger for clothes.

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