Creative Ideas for Recycling Your Kitchen Utensils

Recycled Kitchen Utensils

Before you get rid of a strainer, a grater or a kitchen board, think twice. There are very creative ideas for recycling and Reuse these cookware . You can create with these old utensils decorative and practical solutions, saving both material and economic resources.

Many of the products that you can find in stores, can be made using old kitchen utensils. From a lamp to an iPad stand; Our list of proposals will inspire and awaken you Your most creative side . Make room at your table to start work.

Ideas to reuse cheese grater

Are you thinking of retiring your old cheese grater? Maybe it will not serve as grater but you can give a second chance to this kitchen utensil Like lamp, organizer Earrings or office supplies. You can change its appearance by giving it a coat of paint or use it as is, taking advantage of its metallic finish you choose!
Recycled cheese grater

Ideas for Recycling the Sieve

Metallic straps are themselves flashy pieces, even more so if they come in bright colors. They are not expensive cookware and beyond serving as a drainer for pasta or vegetables, we can use them as a lamp in the kitchen or planter both indoors and outdoors. The idea of Hanging pots, I love to decorate a porch.
Recycled squeegee squeegee

Ideas for Recycling a Cutting Board

When the cutting board is small and you think it's time to replace it with another, remember everything you can do with it. You can recycle and reuse it as Support for your iPad, Support for plants or organizer of necklaces. In tones cases you will need to incorporate different elements: an angle of wood, an old metal plate or cookie cutter and some escarpias, respectively.
Recycled cutting boards

As you have seen, there are many ways to reuse the old kitchen utensils. So we kill two birds with one stone: we give a second chance to these utensils and we create Practical accessories To decorate our home. In addition, we entertain, which is also important.

What I like most about all these ideas is that They are simple And allow us to save a little money. The only difficulty is found in the electric part of the lamps; But there are Excellent tutorials That can help you. Do you dare?

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