Create your own interior garden with these pots

Indoor flower pots

The plants Bring freshness to the rooms and help clean the air; What are you waiting to include in the decoration of your home? With the small pots that we show you today it will be very easy to create your own interior garden without the need to have a large space!

Today there are numerous proposals that allow us to grow small plants. Planters hanging, standing And wall with various designs that adapt easily to any space. Choose those that fit best and look for them an appropriate place where they receive abundant natural light.

There are small pots on the market that allow us to decorate our home simply and without occupying a large space. We can place them on a table, hang them on the wall or ceiling, or on a foot to lift them off the floor; Where we want to print a Natural touch and green.

Indoor flower pots 1

The novel designs allow us to place them here and there, however, not all places are suitable for growing plants. These require Abundant natural light, So its ideal site would be that close to a window. Another important requirement would be to remove them from heat sources such as radiators and / or stoves as much as possible.

Have you already thought about the place? If so, you just have to choose the type of pot you like:

  1. Planter Sky Planter, Price 39,90 €
  2. Retro Bullet Planter By Hip Haven, Price ratio
  3. Wooden Planter Sea & Asters, Price 25,55
  4. Green Ikea hanging flower pot, Price € 5.99
  5. Sidecar Wall Flower Pot, Price 32,25 € (unit)
  6. Ikea Greenhouse, Price 29,99 €
  7. White Oak Flower Pot by Domenic Fiorello, Price ratio 78 €
  8. Planter hanging Ferm Living, Price 42 €
  9. Inova Team slate planters, Price 97 € (set 3)
  10. Ceramic Facetted Planters Barruntando, Price 30 € (set of 3)

I have tried to approach design proposals, beyond the great proposals that provide us with more nearby stores such as Jardinitis, Pantea or Verdecora, to regulate some.

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