Choose colors for walls

Paint the walls

Painting the walls of the home Is a task that everyone should do at some point. Today there is a wide range of paintings available, with many shades to choose from. If we are going to choose the colors for the walls, we must take into account which can be adjusted more to our needs and our tastes. In addition, the colors always convey something, so we must not forget that they have influence on our emotions.

Is not the same Choose the color For a playroom than for a bedroom. Undoubtedly the tones we will choose for many reasons, following our tastes or trends, but we must also think that in the playroom we want to convey vivacity and in the bedroom serenity.

Choose neutral tones for walls

Neutral tones

We begin with the basics, and the neutral tones are adapted to all spaces, different styles and all tastes. With neutral tones we refer to those that always We use base , Which combine well with any other color, so decorating with them is always a safe bet. Colors such as gray, white and beige are in this range and are ideal for those stays where it costs us to combine furniture and textiles. With a tone like this we will be very easy to combine everything, because the walls will have a basic tone.

These Neutral colors are very functional Although sometimes it is said that they can become monotonous. That's why we can break the monotony with more intense and fun tones in textiles. In this case it is easier to change the decoration with textiles having walls with neutral tones to which we can take advantage of them for years.

The most intense tones

Intense Colours

If we are going to dare with the most intense tones we must know how they can stay in our home and the advantages and disadvantages they have. As an advantage we will have a Color that will be the protagonist , And that will fill the stay of personality. We can choose different tones to express different things. The yellow the joy, the natural greenness and the blue serenity. There are many different ranges to inspire to decorate the walls.

One disadvantage that we see to these intense tones is that Light remains And make the stays look a little smaller. That is why they should not be used in small rooms or homes that do not have many square meters. In this case are also tones that being so intense weary much earlier, so one option is to use them only on one wall to not see us saturated with color.

Pastels for walls

Pastel colors

One option to color the walls without appearing excessive is to use pastel shades. The Softer tones Of the palette we are used to all types of environments, but is that also now they are trend thanks to the Scandinavian style. They are soft and delicate colors, perfect for places like the bedroom or the children's rooms. These colors can be used without fear, but then we must combine them with other soft tones and white colors. Its great advantage is that they bring a lot of light to the environments.

Choose tones according to the stay

Painting walls

At first we talked about how colors express things and Affect our state of mind More than we think. In fact there is color therapy, which uses colors to create moods. So we must take this into account when decorating the spaces. In general, we all know a little of this, because we know what the various tones suggest. For example, in a children's room we usually use soft tones that evoke serenity, and blue is one of the best as it is linked to relaxation. The yellow color is vibrant and cheerful, making it perfect for a playroom, as well as orange or red, which activate us. In areas such as kitchens we can put intense colors, and choose the softer ones for the bedroom and living room, which are rest areas.

Mix tones on walls

Color Blends

Another thing we can do when choosing the colors for the walls is Make mixtures . Nobody said that we should paint them all the same of a single color. Nowadays there are many more ideas to decorate the walls with varied tones, and we can paint them of two colors or even of three without any problem. It is somewhat more complicated, but if we know how to combine the tonalities the effect can be very original. We can also use neutral tones on the vast majority of walls and intense colors for just one of them, drawing attention to it, or effects with paint as the gradient to give a little originality to the color.

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